Who's In the Real Estate Market?

by MaskedMarketer 3 replies
Hey Warriors,

Just curious to see how many of your are in the Real Estate Market?

Either Buying and Selling (investing) or selling courses/programs/ seminars on real estate investing?
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    In a previous Life, I am/was heavily involved in all aspects of the real estate Market- although i don't sell books to the real estate market.

    I can tell you more then you'll ever want to know about Landlording, Commercial Mortgages, Dealing with HUD, Rehabs, and How you buy/sell a Home...

    However, I haven't (yet) put together nay product to sell in those niches. Are you looking for an expert in any of those areas?
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    Have in the past. Want to get back into it (great time to buy)
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    I'm in the Real Estate Niche... However, not the investing side of it.

    It's where 80-90% of my income comes from.
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