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So after being in the digital product niche for so long I am starting to delve more and more into physical goods.

My site currently gets 10,000 monthly visitors and I hope to start doing reviews of some actual physical goods (being sold on Amazon, CJ among others)

One thing is though, I am so used to just sending an email to a vendor asking for a review copy of the ebook, course etc.

Basically I'm asking do you guys ever ask for review copies of physical goods, and if you do what do you say differently than if you were asking a digital vendor?

Also with 10,000 visitors am I likely to get any free goods?

I have build my site on actual user reviews of products and I want to keep this up with the physical products so I am not averse to paying for goods every now and then, but I seek to review 100's of products over time and the bill will seriously rack up if I'm buying them every time

Thanks for listening!
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    Hmmm looks like there is a big difference, I've emailed 10 companies, received 1 response saying no!

    Its only been 4 days so Ill leave it a while longer to see if I get any more replies.
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    I dont think with a audience of 10k a month any company will be willing to give you a product for free. I think until you can build up a larger following you could focus on reviewing products that you personally buy.

    Or if you really dont want to go that route - ask for some sort of discount on the product
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      Digital products such as ebooks or ecourses and such like cost nothing to produce and ship and, as you say, you can usually receive a review copy if you have a decent website.

      Physical products are a different kettle of fish as they will have a production cost and will have to be shipped - more costs. The problem is that you can't give any sort of guarantee that your review will produce any sales of a product - no one can. Also what would happen if you thought the item wasn't any good and gave it a bad review?

      It isn't such a good deal for any manufacturer of a physical product to hand out "review copies" unless it's to a well-known person in the field or to someone like a celebrity sponsor.

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