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Sorry if this is the wrong forum but can someone please tell me how to insert a Paypal button into a post? I tried the HTML and CODE links but that's not working.

Sorry for the dumb question.

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    If you want to insert a paypal button in a post in this forum, you need to add an image to your post and then make that image clickable by using the html link you get from paypal.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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      Hi Lori,

      It's not dumb at all: we all have to start somewhere.

      When you are on PayPal's site, getting your button code, you can choose to provide your own image for the button. This will then be embedded into the html code they give you at the end of the process.

      What you need to do first is to create your image as a jpeg and then upload it into the 'images' or 'files' section of your server.

      Then check it's working by typing into this into your browser ...


      If it shows up, you're good to go. So copy that exact url and have it ready for when you get to the PayPal button area. Then simply paste the code you get from them into your Warrior post.

      Warmest regards,

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        Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it!
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    Visit this link. There have some tutorial about how to Insert a Paypal button into a post.

    Hope this will help.
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    Looks like they gave you all the info? Did you get it figured out?
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