What Do You Use Your Articles For?

by coreytucker 13 replies

ive been really thinking about using my articles for so much more lately. Of course I've been concerned with duplication issues but at the same time realize im leaving alot of money on the table by simply only submitting my articles to ezinearticles.com.

So I wanted to know if any warriors have experience at using articles for things like squidoo, hubpages, yahoo answers etc? My concern here is putting the exact same article out at these places, will it hurt my articles rank in Google? I want to turn my articles into alot of content I can use, but im scared it could hurt the rank of my actual articles in Google.

I would also like to use the articles as content for my site but im also scared it could hurt the rank of my site. So if any warriors have experience in this area I would love to hear your stories. Thanks
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    I use articles to generate traffic to websites.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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      Perhaps you can rewrite part of your content. Like 25-40% of the content.

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        Well to be honest im hoping I can use 100% of my article. I guess nobody really knows how it effects SEO because everyone usually has a different answer for this problem. I just thought it would be nice to use my articles 100% as they are for other sites without doing any harm
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          I use articles to submit to ezinearticles to generate traffic for my website
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            Is there any truth to submitting your articles to your website first before article directories to avoid a dup. penality?
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              article is a good way to introduce topic into your website. that is why more and more people are hiring writers to do the work for them. and also, it can optimize their site appearance in the search engines. article writing is really important because it cna really make a difference for the site.
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              I firmly believe in making the most out of everything I write for myself. A few tips...

              1. Change the title of your article and use it on your website too. I've found that just changing the title and nothing else prevents problems and can get the same article ranked just as high as the original.

              2. Change the title and some of the content. You don't have to make any major changes. Sometimes I'll just do minor edits, sometimes I'll reword the first paragraph only, and sometimes I'll revise the article by 30-50%. Other times I'll create a new (added) introduction and/or extend the article's length and detail for my site.

              3. Add pictures. One of my favorite techniques is to simply republish one of my own EZA articles on my sites, and add relevant pictures to it. These are sometimes my own pictures and sometimes they're affiliate product pictures. Then I edit the EZA bio to say something like "to see pictures of this..." or "to see this article with relevant photos...". Take a wild guess how well this shoots CTR through the roof?

              4. Similar to the above, add an editorial style "sidebar" and/or references/resources list.

              5. Put them into autoresponders as a newsletter, tips, or ecourse

              6. Package them into free reports, paid reports, and even PLR reports. Just pull together relevant articles, write a few transitions, then put it into a PDF and you're good to go.

              Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head, but they work quite well

              I just realized I should note something for newbies: I don't submit articles to get search engine rankings, I submit them to get traffic. I have no problem getting articles on my own websites ranked well, and usually I end up with both my EZA and my site articles being ranked well.

              What works for you may vary based on your primary purposes and techniques with article writing.
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                I love learning new things to do with articles. Leveraging content is very important.

                Personally, I use articles to drive traffic. However, I think you could take them and build ebooks out of them and offer them as gifts. Build some back end products for them and you might have a nice income just out of content you already have.

                Consider sending bullet point versions to your list and get them to come to your blog. On the blog, advertise affiliate products or your own products.

                Consider using your articles as an outline for a speech at a local group. You could build a relationship with people who are involved in your niche and you already have a few speeches written.

                Another idea is to offer a reprinted version of your article to a local newspaper to use in it's section. If you give it to them, they will reprint your link and you can drive offline people to your squeeze page.

                Just some ideas!!!


                Brad Spencer
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                  wow, some informative answers there

                  So I have about 10 new articles I wrote a few days ago for a new niche im working in and they are written very well. I have decided I want to use them for my website as content but could this hurt my site in the search engines since they are already ranked in Google now?

                  I know GuruGazette you said just change the title, but are you sure this will not drop the rank of my article on Google as well as hurt my sites rank? Basically I want to take my 10 articles and create a new "page" for my website, where each page has an article on it that is unchanged from the articles I submitted at ezinearticles.com

                  Im just wondering if this could hurt my sites ranking as Google might see it as duplication? Thanks
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                    Take some of those articles and use them in places like squidoo, and hubpages. Then Use Digg.com to get the word out about those Squidoo lenses. Then Build a blog where u add the rest of the content. And make sure to link all of those articles and your blog together by using anchor texts.

                    This Helps your SEO alot as search engnes loves blogs, squidoo lenses etc.
                    Look at my sig line for the best click by click video tutorials on this stuff.

                    Hope that helps
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                      thanks Jan Roos, but can I submit the exact article to squidoo, hub pages, yahoo answers etc without worrying about it effecting the rank of my article as well as my actual web site?
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                        Thaks GuruGazette. That why I have not been making better use of my articles in the past. I have honestly been too paranoid about it effecting the rank of my articles and site so I just create orginal content for everything I do but it can be a bit tough and time consuming after a while.

                        Im thinking about giving it a try and using my articles for anything I can think of. I really do not even want to fool with changing the article even 30%, once I get to 30% I always convince myself to go ahead and make a 100% unique article since ive done 30% new work.

                        I think im going to take these 10 articles and use them for my website, hub pages, yahoo answers, squidoo, forums and anything else I can think of. Im sure I will end up changing the content a bit sometimes as needed, and I will of course change the titles on all of them.

                        Im hoping I can get some good results without hampering the ranking of my site in Google as well as the ranking of my ezine articles for the keywords I have targeted. I want to make use of the good content I produce, I want to spread it everywhere

                        If anyone else has any advice im all ears, or if you have some experiences to share I would love to hear it.
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                    Hi Corey,

                    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Google doesn't post here with definitive, absolutely sure answers to anything

                    The best anyone here can give you is what's working for them. And the only thing they can be "sure" of is how it's working for them, in their circumstances, with their techniques, goals, and so on.

                    If you're really worried about it then don't do it. You won't ever know for sure though until you actually try something yourself and track the results. Then learn, adjust if need be, and improve the next time around.
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