Keywords for finding Niche?

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how efficient it is to use Google keywords to find out about possible niches.

For example I searched something and it said the average monthly amount of searches is 20,000. Is that too small? What's a good number to target?

If i get 5000 of those to my site and my conversion rate is 2% on a $30 product that's only 3000 bucks so is that worth it or should i look for a larger niche?

What other tactics do you recommend?

All your help is greatly appreciated.

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    There's a lot more to it then that... Backend sales and recurring memberships would help increase that 3000 bucks!! You could have a million searches per month in a niche but the crowd could be non passionate/not willing to spend.

    Have a good look around the forum for "Finding a Niche",

    Have fun,

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      Thanks for responding! I see what you mean with adding additional sources of income.

      Do you think there is a minimum number of people that should be searching for certain keywords in order to establish a profitable niche? how can i know if they are passionate and willing to spend?

      I will take your advice and look around the forum more and check out your sig.

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    Almost any amount is a good enough amount if what you offer is what the searcher is looking for. You have to analyze the niche as a whole and not just a keyword. Are there many searches for other related keywords? What is the CPC for the keywords? Are there many affiliate programs? And so on.

    If you put yourself in the searchers postion and think how they would think then you can match up an affiliate offer or create your own product that will be just what they are looking for.
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      Thanks! i will look into all of that.
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      Thanks so much Ross. I bought the articles and am already learning. I truely appreciate your efforts in helping.

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