Do Traffic Exchange Programs Really Work

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I just want to know that do traffic exchange programs work? I have tried it but no result.
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    I last used them several years ago, and from what I remember they were hopeless at generating any sales but were pretty good for building a list (providing you are offering something of value in return).
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      You need targeted traffic, I doubt if traffic exchange programs can offer this
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    Traffic exchanges CAN work if you use them properly. First of all, don't push the product straight away, but get the visitor to subscribe to your list. Secondly, don't use long sales letters, but get straight to the point. Thirdly, remember that traffic exchange users are using the traffic exchange to get traffic to their own sites. Therefore, I have noticed that the only thing that you can really sell via traffic exchanges is traffic generation tools and methods.

    They want traffic and they don't want to pay for it. If you can help them with that, you can succeed with traffic exchanges.
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      No! You may get some traffic, but only from other people trying to promote their own site.
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        Traffic programs are designed to make their owners money. You sign up for free traffic and in exchange you have to click through hundreds of websites to get a few credits to get your website in rotation for others to view. The owners of the exchange are hoping that you'll get sick of clicking through thousands of websites day in and day out that you'll buy clicks (credits). Do they work? I did get one commission from clickbank only for it to be refunded a couple of days before the time limit for refunds was up.
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