Scaling up your CPA campaign

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Today I found a new cool offer on one of the networks
and decided to give it a try on Adwords.

The conversions are phenomenal. Basically for every $1 spent
I get $9-$10 profit.

So what's the problem? Well I am only able to squeeze about
$80 profit because of the low volume on keywords I am bidding.

I have tried other keywords, but I get slapped immediately with
$2 min bids

Yahoo didn't accept my ads due to trademark BS

So I am trying to figure out how I can scale this up?

Or should I buy some blackhat ppc adwords tools?
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    Here's my thoughts. You've got something making you $80 per day profit right now. You want to add a couple zeroes to the end of that, like everyone else. But the question is, is that the right move at this point in time?

    What I mean is, can you put this on auto-pilot right now and have it just do $80 profit per day for you? ($80 per day, $2,400 per month, $28,800 per year). Odds are you can.

    There's your first income stream. Not bad at almost $30k per year without doing much at all. So what do you do, do you try to "scale it up" to huge numbers, spending day and night constantly tinkering with it and with that possibly destroying the campaign bringing your profit per day back down to zero?


    Do you put this on the shelf, let it pump out $80 per day profit while you work on another campaign and try to get it profitable and then put on autopilot as well? What if you do find another you can get to $80 per day? You just doubled your income on auto pilot. Now you're doing $160 per day, $4,800 per month, $57,600 per year. Then it's decision time again. Do you try to scale this new money maker up or do you put it on the shelf and attempt another campaign in another niche?

    I think you get the picture.

    Scaling is wonderful, big money is wonderful, one campaign doing $50k per day is wonderful...until it disappears, (which it will). If you're in this for a the long term, you need lots of little income streams producing for you daily on auto pilot while you go out and try to add to your portfolio of campaigns that are profitable. Not every campaign will work, but imagine you get to 10 campaigns doing $80 profit per day. Now you're doing $800 profit per day, $24,000 per month, $288,000 per year. All that with just 10 little gaffers pumping along trickles of income every day. If one or two or three blow up on you, (which will happen), you're ok because you've got 7,8 or 9 little producers still pumping out money.

    This is advice from experience. I used to do big money in uk secured loans, ($80,000 months were the norm), until that market disappeared. That hurt, but I learned my lesson. Hopefully you can gain from my heartache.

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      Great advice right from the PPC-Coach himself!

      I really got to sign up for your coaching dude...
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    Hey PPC Coach....thanks for the advice. I am already running
    some great campaigns and just wanted to get this one to a higher level
    because the ROI was huge. I think I will leave it alone for now
    though. I need to concentrate on my other campaigns I have.
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    You need to tweek it and fine tune to get maximum profit from the campaign. Yes, PPC-COACH has a point, but if you worry so much about every campaign you'll never hit the big buks.

    Is your quality score based on your landing page or are you sending straight to the offer via redirect?

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      Originally Posted by Louis Raven View Post

      Is your quality score based on your landing page or are you sending straight to the offer via redirect?

      I have a landing page that presells the product.
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  • Rather than look at it as "how can I scale up with Adwords", you may consider "How can I scale up with visitors".

    It might be totally feasible to start buying solo ads in different newsletter or ezines with the same type of visitor.

    If you can only get a small amount of visitors with those keywords, it probably means its pretty targeted.

    With a little research you may be able to find out the exact type of visitor, and what got them there, then you could easily replicate that through traditional marketing means.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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      Slightly off topic...

      Is your quality score based on your landing page or are you sending straight to the offer via redirect?

      So when you want to send traffic directly to a CPA offer you need to set up a redirect from your host (by purchasing a domain and then redirecting?)
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