Hey Warriors, I need some advice Please!

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Hello Warriors, i have a question.... I just recently downloaded around 100GB of PLR/MRR etc. I have unzipped all the files into their own seaperate folders and so forth, now for the fun...sorting all the products by license type, PLR MRR, Personal Use, etc. What im wondering is.... is there any software that anyone knows of that will search and sort these folders by keyword filters like plr, or master resale rights etc.? i have looked all over Google, but everything i see has to do with sorting music or pictures. if i have to manually open each folder and check the license types, ill be doing this until 2025 at the rate im going If anyone knows of anything, please let me know, and im not just looking for free stuff, ill pay for it. Thanks Warriors!
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    Not sure of any software you could use, but in the past (and I know this will sound stupid) I have used the search function, built into windows to sort the files.

    Just right click and add more details (file type, name, date added etc) then to the right use the search function to find what you are looking for, it worked for me, but then I was sorting by niche rather than by license.

    Anyway, hope this helps a little, if not, sorry I wasted a couple of minutes of your time.

    Just trying to be helpful ;-)
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