Some Affiliates Really Make Me Laugh ...

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Some customers make me laugh harder ...

I have just started a campaign for FAP Turbo which was just released. The reviews I see are making me laugh out loud.

This product is only a couple of weeks old yet there are like 100 reviews of people claiming to have made $XXXX per month! AMAZING! Some of these folks must have had a time machine provided by Doc Brown himself.

I noticed this with the MSN Loophole too. 2 days after its release there were a bunch of reviews praising how good it was and that they've seen top rankings!

The moral of the story... If you're going to BS, at least make it believable BS
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    lol sounds sketchy.

    Maybe they got a copy before the release? Probably not...but maybe?

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    That is the thing about affiliate marketing - You can subconsciously sniff out the 'honest' reviews. The only real strategy is to have a list if you are going to be selling Clickbank type stuff, IMO.
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      Right, I think this stinks that New affiliate Marketers get duped by these tactics

      All The Best Di
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    Isn't FAP Turbo the DoublingStocks guys -- with a (non-tarnished..yet) new name?
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    It might be the same guys, but it isn't the same thing.
    FAP is for forex trading and doubling stocks is for Penny trades.

    They both sell up the wazoo!

    Puppets are people too

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    If you're going to BS, at least make it believable BS
    Very funny but shockingly true to some degree...

    - Jared


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    May be these are paid reviews
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