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My company is having a Purge Day sometime this month, where all electronic data and paper should be thrown out or deleted, unless it is absolutely necessary to keep. What does this have to do with anything?

Well, I got an email from my host saying that my webspace was hacked, and that I needed to clean it up. I couldn't find any sign of hacking, so I requested a little more information about it. Some of the files were in folders of websites that I had sold, and no longer had. Some of the files were in folders of things I was testing but never did anything with.

You never realize how many open backdoors you might have to your system, no matter how complicated of a password you may be using. It doesn't matter if you're locked down tighter than Fort Knox, because just one poorly written script could provide a wide open door to your financial lifeline.

I would like to encourage you to take a couple hours this month and do some cleaning of your web hosts. If you aren't using a directory on your site any more, back it up and delete it. If you aren't using a theme or plugin any more, back it up and delete it. This will not only help give a little peace of mind, but it also makes it a little tougher for those hackers who want to get in and cause havoc.
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