Need Help: Selling WordPress Theme For Minisites

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Hello warriors,

Greetings from New Delhi! I am an experienced blogger and WordPress theme designer, but new to internet marketing. So I need your help and suggestions.

I have created an awesome WordPress theme for minisites. It has several color and typography schemes, 10 headers and can be easily customized to create a completely unique design for each minisite/website.

The best part of the theme is that you DON'T have to struggle with codes--ever. Every things is there either in the theme options page or WordPress post/text editor. Multiple boxes and bulleted lists. It also has built-in button. Just create a link and pick a desired button style.

If someone buys this theme, he/she will never have to get any other minisite template. Unlike other minisites, I also plan to keep developing the theme and offer free updates.

Does this sound like a product that you would like to buy? How much should I price it? How to sell the theme?

Thanks for your time!
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