Hi Warriors, Could you please check and tell me whether you can make a click bank purchase now?

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Hi warriors,

When I tried to buy a click bank product, the page is not loading. When I tried to log in to my click bank account also, same thing happened. I tried several times in either case. Is click bank server down in these two cases?
Could someone please check and tell?

Why I am asking is that earlier, once when I tried to log in to my istockphoto account or make a direct purchase without logging in, I was not able to do it for several days, but others were able to do the same at the same time.

Today, from the morning, there has not been any electricity, so I wasn't able to do any work and now when current came, I cannot still do the purchase in click bank. (To myself: Cool Sree, Cool. We have to be cool always; under any circumstances. )

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    Its loading just fine. There must be something wrong with your server. It happens a lot. Don't worry, you'll be good in a few hours.
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      One of my subscribers had the same problem as well..It should be ok soon..
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