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Not long ago I read a post from Jeremy Shoemaker where a study was done, and I think it was with Facebook ads. The study was done with a mixed audience of 2000 participants (male and female)
What they did was show the audience a page with 30 different images on it, and a few images were of pretty girls that showed cleavage.
They used heat map analytics and the results showed that 70% percent of the audience clicked on the images of the ladies showing cleavage or tight tops.
I have seen these type of ads at GoDaddy, Sports Illustrated, etc. and was wondering if anyone here used ads like this and if they got favorable results or customers who may have been offended.
I am putting together a stock photo company catering to IM market and it was suggested that I add this picture group as a category. So before I do I wanted to check in here and see how it worked for this group of marketers and if you thought this would be helpful or a potential problem.

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