How Important is Goal Setting in Your Business?

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Hey Guys,

I've never really been much of a goal-setter. A few days back I was talking to a buddy of mine and we were discussing goals and why they should become a bigger part of both of our lives (and businesses).

So I sat down on saturday and decided to write out my goals. It was harder than I thought it would be!

I'd have to assume it's a skill like anything else and I will get better with practice.

But I'm really wondering, how important are goals in other Warrior's lives/businesses?

Do you have broad goals or specific goals or both? and how do they help you succeed?
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  • Well, it's said that specific goals allow you to be more motivated since with broad goals you don't have any clear picture in mind. Yes, you want to be healthy, financially free and the other usual stuff we all want but these aren't goals and you don't really know how to get there.

    With specific goals, however, it's a lot easier to lay out a specific plan of action to reach them. If you have a clear plan to follow, you'll be much more likely to show more dedication and especially action since you know what steps to take.

    I have to admit I still find it a bit hard sometimes as well to write down real specific goals but once in a while I take an hour or two, sit down and write up an A4 page or 2. You'll feel different afterwards, I promise.

    Ultimately of course, goals mean nothing if you don't execute the necessary steps to reach them.
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      I like creating plans more than setting goals. Goals, to me, can actually stifle creativity and flexibility (especially when things go awry).

      That said, I encourage everyone to create a plan to get where you want to go, so decide where you're going, and then plan backwards how you'll get there.

      Often, i find when I do this, I find that I get where I'm going more quickly, I accomplish things with more foreknowledge, and I'm more flexible, because I' not missing a goal I've set, but taking a new path.

      Semantics? Yeah. I lurve them! *smiles*

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    Ive found that with everything I do in life, it seems to just be more "guided" when I sit down and set actual goals. They may not be perfect, and I might not reach all of them, but at least I have a good idea of what im trying to accomplish.
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    Goals are important.

    What's more important is your "Why" for getting up every morning to go to work.

    If you don't know where you're going, and why you need to get there, then without the proper instruction, you're headed for destruction.

    So definitely write your goals down.

    I've know people who never wrote down a goal in their life, but since they knew their "Why" and it was strong enough, they were able to reach their desired level of success.

    I personally use a "Playbook" to guide me throughout my journey.

    I his book "The All Star Sales Book", Billy Cox refers to it as Dream Book, but they're the same.

    I'd definitely encourage you to rent out his book from your local library if you haven't already.

    It was a great read, and full of incredible information.

    Plus, he dedicates a whole chapter to creating a Dream Book.

    My two cents.

    Make it a great day!

    P.S. Make priorities instead of resolutions to. For some reason, resolutions typically end up getting solved before the first month of the year is over. On the other hand, regardless of how pressed for time we are, we always seem to find the time to complete whatever we've made a priority for the day.

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    I did a goal setting in the past & write it down somewhere in the notebook, and when time goes on, I tend to forget it & did not achieve it at all, but doing other things that did not really help in achieving my initial goal.

    Lately, I use sticky note that come with windows 7, and every time I boot up my PC, I see the goal and action list, you know what, I'm always on the track now, my goal is in my head every minutes, cuz I'm seeing it everyday. Try it, it works.
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      I've had my own business for quite some time now and the only thing I really set in stone, and have done right from the off, is monthly/quarterly/annual turnover. I think that's a vital part of the success of any business. Regarding personal goals, I don't really bother; as long as the finances are in order everything else seems to fall into place.
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    I have a ton of goals.

    A lot of them, I miss, but I make some kind of progress and learn along the way.
    Just as many of them, I hit, and I learn a lot along the way.

    It's all good.
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      I'm going to try writing down my goals every morning (at least a shortened version) to get them drilled into my head. I think if I get a clearer picture of where I'm headed it will actually help me get there.

      Without any goals after that initial "high" wears off from my new ideas I find I get bored with it and don't see the potential anymore, even though it's still there and I'm probably closer to it now than I was before.

      You guys have any morning rituals you do that helps you stay on task throughout the day?
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