Yikes! Check Your Website Stats or You'll Miss Out on Sales

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Hey Everyone,

It's my 300th post here so I thought I'd share a learning experience that I recently had with one of my websites.

I have quite a few sites throughout various niches that are built around promoting certain products. You've probably already heard how important it is to check your stats and logs to see where your visitors are coming from, what they are typing in, and so forth.

This is something that I try to do on a regular basis, but sometimes I slack off. I tend to measure my website's success by looking at the amount of sales it is producing.


I have this site that is doing a modest amount of sales per month, but when I checked the daily traffic recently, I was shocked to see I was getting over a hundred visitors every day. Why in the world wasn't I getting more sales? Simple, the traffic coming to my site was not interested in the product I was promoting there.

Now of course my site was built around the purpose of promoting "blue widgets", but since I have all of these people coming to one of my pages because they typed in "purple widgets", I went to that page and placed a purple widget CPA offer there. I didn't want to change my site to focus on purple widgets, and hopefully long-term i'll get tons of traffic for that, but it is just plain silly to miss out on all of the potential that my other traffic could give.

Guess what? It's doing well, imagine that!

So the moral of the story?

Be sure to check your website stats on a regular basis, and adjust accordingly!

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    I am the queen of analyzing my stats - posts like this remind me that it's not *just* because I'm obsessive about numbers. Although I am.
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    I have a few dozen sites, and realistically I'm not going to check them all on a regular basis, but what I do is go into my WHM and click on "bandwidth usage". This helps me see which sites are getting the most traffic, and then I can dive in a bit further.


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    Thanks for the reminder. I rarely ever check my stats because I'm so busy with marketing.

    Will need to "schedule" it a few times a week!
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    Thanks for the reminder matt! Usually I will only check my website stats religiously for the 1st few weeks only.. because that is where I'm very excited but after that I just slack off..
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    Isn't it funny how the responses are "yes! I need to check my stats more" and yet so often we don't do it?

    I also often fall victim to the whole "checking stats in the beginning is exciting" phase, and then neglecting it later. But it is actually more important to be checking them later, when you actually have the traffic!

    I tend to pay a lot of attention to how long it takes for the spiders to come around, and how often.


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      Originally Posted by freudianslip27 View Post

      Isn't it funny how the responses are "yes! I need to check my stats more" and yet so often we don't do it?
      I think the biggest reason is that stats tend to be in individual buckets. If you have multiple sites, you have to log in multiple times to get your stats -- it can be very time consuming.

      Also, there are two distinct categories of stats -- Traffic Analytics, and Conversion Analytics. Tools like Google Analyticsdo a great job of providing traffic analytics (which is the type you referred to) but if you are mostly focused on direct marketing processes (mini sites selling info products) it's a huge job to get the right conversion stats.
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    Good tip to dive nto the stats.
    I do this regulary and check which pages get the most traffic and then I analyze which keywords/phrases were used to get there. If it doesn't make sense to put additional content covering the most searched keyphrase to my existing site, I sometimes even create a new one. By this I get into competition with myself - covering more entries in the serps - and offer highly targeted content that is searched for.
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    Yes! I've even used this research to build squidoo lens, ezine articles, etc., for terms that I was able to rank for on my website. Like you mentioned, onlineleben, this puts me in competition with myself, while continuing to strengthen my ranking for those keywords (I link on the squidoo page to my site)


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    Good tip, this should be standard practice for anyone who gets a decent amount of traffic. There is alot of gold in log files that can be put to use and optimized for anyone willing to sort through the data. Yes it can be time consuming but it's not that bad if your using a good program for your analytics.

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      I use Performancing Metrics (Pro Ver) and see all the stats for all my sites on one dashboard - couldn't live without it.
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    I agree with that too, it will be better if you have done your keyword research and know what the customer are searching for
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