A lucky mistake making me sales...

by Big Al
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I got a few review sites up... and managed to make a pigs ear out of picking the domain name.

The domain was focused on the model number without the brand name... in my haste and excitement I made a typo when I was buying the domain name and didn't even realize until I'd made the content and put it up on the blog.

Anyway... was a bit peeved and decided to let that site stagnate a bit and focus on a site with the RIGHT domain name logged into Amazon today and looks like I'm not the only one who makes that typo.

Several sales in the past week or two by morons who can't read properly like me : )

Nothing new but a nice lesson on mis-spelled domain names.


P.S. For the record I'd rather I'd bought the right domain so I guess that's a job for tomorrow since I might as well capitalize on the fact that people are definately buying.
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    Theres lots of typo kw's out there with low volume. There's some with high volume and you are either lucky or well-researched to make them profitable.

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      LOL - well done, then. There's an interesting story about "typos" in one of Perry Marshall's books (not his main one), in which he discovers through an AdWords experiment that an enormous proportion of people looking for one particular keyword are misspelling it. There's almost certainly more to these little adventures than meets the eye.
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    That is very interesting. Well good luck looking for further sales. I think that domain typos are a good way to make money whether it is from domain parking or just getting sales when you werent supposed to!

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      I just found another potential syndication site (haven't heard back yet) by using a common typo for my main keyword. I misspell the word in this same way probably half the time I'm writing about it! :p

      Turns out I'm not the only one - search results are rather substantial. So I'll definitely find a way to work in this misspelling on my site.

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