How To Know If SEO Book Keyword Tool Is Full Of It

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On occasion when I am doing keyword research on "SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool" I come across a keyword that is claimed from them to be searched a 1000 or more times a day! Okay... when I find a keyword like this I test it out on Google just for giggles to see how many people are trying to get a good position for this word. On occasion (a rare occasion) these keywords have under a thousand competing sites...

So my mind, of course, starts to wonder and think. This would be so easy for me to get on the first page probably own the first page of the search results. It would probably take me about a week.

So I'll cut to the chase, I have gone all out on two different keywords which I'm not going to share what they are specifically - and I have had separate results with both of them. One of my keywords on Google is on the first page 7 times (main blog/bookmarks/articles) and the other is on it 5.

Everything is pointing to a main blog which I update frequently (usually about 5 times a week). These blogs have affiliate links on them. I figure the opportunity to make some easy money is there... why not do it. So that's what I did.

However all seems so good. Hey if something gets searched over a thousand times a day I should make some sales if I own the first pages of the results I should make some money... Well one of them gets 20 visitors a day and the other rarely gets anyone.

The one with 20 visitors a day makes me a sale maybe once a week, the other has not yet.

My point is that you can not trust the SEO Book Keyword Tool until you test their results yourself. I hope this helps some of you that depend on SEO Book Keyword Tool for accurate keyword statistics.

Jeffrey Louis
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    I am using Google Keyword Tool and it works fine...
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      Hi Jeff,
      I think what you're actually illustrating is that there's a difference between the research tools in terms of how they retrieve their results data.

      Most are basically meta data crawlers and so they actually manage to feed each other by performing search functions (these results on meta data searches are then used by other services, whose meta data search is then fed back into the system - and you can see how this goes on right?)

      Hope that sheds a little light on the problem.

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