Great way to Internet Marketing Riches?

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I have dabbled with IM on a number of occasions in the past, but I never really got the idea.

However, 4 weeks into my next "forray" I find I am now blissfully aware at how Google works, am starting to get the idea of what is required.

Anyway. The idea.

Marketing for Referral Fees, Insurance, Money, Finance, Windows Etc.

I've checked out some of the Legal, Claim related keyword groups, UK side, OK, some are pretty tough, but not undo-able.

Seems you can get several hundred dollars for just 1 referal?

What do you all think? Good idea?
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    Although I have never personally worked with CPA offers, they can be very lucrative if you get the traffic to your offer. It is all about the traffic.

    I have been quietly working in the Internet Marketing industry for over 10 years and have become an expert in driving traffic and SEO tactics. I have a new site all about niche marketers and I would love for you to check it out. Don't worry, this site is all about free content, not a sales page.

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      Ive tried CPA offers and to be honest they are worth it if you get the traffic and it converts, its not worth it if you cant because of how little you make on each commission.
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        What do you mean by CPA, forgive my ignorance, I don't think this is it?

        I have found a company, in the insurance field, to "advertise", who will pay for each referal I provide, via said advertising.

        Traffic, yes, that is the Key I think.

        Page 1 on Google. Backlinks, Blogs, Articles.
        Anything to get Google to Look.
        I've started by picking a really tough keyword group, but, I can pick others.

        The commision is huge though, the site need only produce 1 referal a month, it would still be hugely profitable.
        The Best Organic Traffic Solutions.
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