How about a 'like' button for messages?

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I know there's a 'thanks' button, but how about adding a 'like' button too? Quite often I've read messages that aren't actually responding to anything I've written but I'd acknowledge that I've read it and liked it. It might even just be a funny response that doesn't warrant a 'thankyou' but I'd still like say I enjoyed the response without actually typing out a message.

Was just a thought.

*Not to be confused with a facebook like.
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    Originally Posted by AdamCBR View Post

    I'd still like say I enjoyed the response without actually typing out a message.
    This is precisely what "thanks" are for, and indeed what they have always been for. Their use is not restricted to those who have helped you with a question; you can thank anyone, anytime, for any reason. Even if they just made you laugh.

    In fact, for a while, that was a "secret" of how to get lots of thanks: go to the off-topic forum and post jokes. In the wake of that, people realised that HAVING thanks meant nothing.

    But everyone still likes GETTING them. So by all means, if you like someone's post for any reason whatsoever, hit the "thanks" button.
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    Yes, I click the "thanks" button for every post I find funny, informative or even something I can just agree with.
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    I should mention that some people in this forums are making post reply which are not related with the threads. Then what to do whit that post? Just add infraction to the member, that very rude. Should have any button that could give warning to that member.
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