please review my web hosting sales page

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From last month I have been working on mini points including sales page, please have a look at page and let me know your thoughts.
what do you think about my sales page, looking for honest review visit web hosting page
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    I think it looks good, nice an clean. Maybe add some logos that show authenticity, satisfaction guaranteed, support team, etc.
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    it is good can start now marketing..see you need to start testing your market and see how it is working and what is not working..until you don't start generating money you won't understand which landing page is working or not.

    I hope you got my point what I am trying to say..

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    I must confess a personal pet peeve.

    When I see spelling errors and grammar that seems a bit off - I'll pass.

    For example: "Bussiness Class"

    Yes... it's minor... but when it comes to a business, I want professionalism.

    It might pay in the long run to have a friend who's extremely literate, and a picky speller, to re-read everything on your site.

    Hope this helps!
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      Notwithstanding what other Warriors have posted, my personal view is that you are not giving enough information on the site. Let me give you an example.

      You appear to offer four plans; Start, Fly, Reseller and VPS. The first two are general shared hosting. That's fine. The other two are more specialised.

      Your tabs at the top of your page are labelled: 'Web hosting', 'VPS Hosting', 'Advantages' and 'Contact Us'. Personally, I would prefer to see an individual tab for each type of hosting, viz. 'Web Hosting', 'Reseller Hosting' and 'VPS Hosting'.

      I could find no details of the benefits of your 'Reseller Hosting' package at all.

      Just my initial thoughts and I wish you the best of luck with your hosting business.

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    Your shared hosting plans page is doing something funky in Chrome, it expands the full width of the page beyond the template that you see on your other pages.

    Why does your domain change to when the customer enters WHMCS for ordering?
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    nice layout and design
    Why does your domain change to when the customer enters WHMCS for ordering?
    I assume this is from the site you are reselling from
    If so I would look at setting up the WHMCS on your own domain
    little bit of work but will get a more seamless look
    Then have the WHMCS template altered to match you main site - you can get this done for you for $20-$30 (google it) or visit the WHMCS forum
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