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    Tens of millions of books? Is it JK Rowling?
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    So I've finally done it! I am negotiating a deal with a best-selling author, sold 10's of millions of books in their respective niche. Definitely a top guru in their field. Now, I am proposing a continuity program, yet they are asking for more than I ever learned in my programs I purchased. They are looking for a business white paper proposal. I have no idea what that is, or how to set it up. I believe I have a great deal going on here, but I am lost... Any advice anyone?

    Get on the phone call a literary agent and ask them what is a white paper proposal...wait google booyah

    They say success leaves clues.....do a whois search and ask the blog owner or google the name of the person who wrote the white paper proposal. Find contact and contact .

    Your welcome
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