Would this be a good idea?

by Emoney 5 replies
I have this idea about creating a very very broad blog, with many different categories.

I'm thinking of making the domain name be something like:


Something like that, I'm sure that is taken but you get the point. And I would
just blog about different things, make categories for different niches and such.

Would that work? Or should I just stick one type of blog/niche with a few sub-niches?

Income would come from either Adsense or Affiliate Programs and banner ads.

Any takers on this?
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    Hi there,
    This is an interesting concept but i dont think it would work unless there is at least some sort of tenous link.For example lets say you were promoting formula one motor racing some
    dog training ebook and a mobile phone product.Depending on how much you wrote on each subject you could spend a lot of time getting the mobile phone person to your site only for them to see the formula one thing and leave instantly.However if there is some sort of link say maybe formula one and the mclaran phone and the ferrarri pen then possibly.

    Hope that cleared things up or did it make things more confused

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    Large is difficult to manage, target into 1 niche is better, I think
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      Hi Emoney,

      I don't know much about you, but the concept you pointed out will cause a wast amount of work to you.

      The man may get lost in the dense forest because of the much tree easily. This is in this manner with the blog with a wide broad categories, too. Avoiding the confusion it will be better to choose only one field of activity.

      All the best,

      "The man arrives as a recruit into all of the eras of his life."Chamfort

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        In my experience it would be better for you to target one niche only or at the max target related niches. Targeting many niches won't pay off. Seriously, think about it: posting about dog training one day and how much vista sucks the other day is kind of weird. You also won't do well in search engines...

        Not only is it difficult to manage but it just doesn't pay off, especially if it's not user-driver.
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          I had a similar question a while back and something that was suggested to me was to make portals on each niche. Then you could happily expand on related content. For instance if it was a dog portal, you could add anything on dog training to dog beds as mini-sites.

          I think this model works better than getting lost in tons of niches. The best option is to choose a niche which gives you a lot of scope in the first place. I think steve pavolina's blog on self-improvement does well precisely because of this--he's not stuck to writing just about improving your concentration or whatever.

          Hope this helps!
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