How Important Is A Search Bar?

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Hello warriors

Sometimes when on a website, particularly a shopping (ecommerce) type site I get frustrated when I cant find what im looking for so I use the Search bar.

Ive just come across a website which has a #1 Hit Wise button on their site and apparently gets about 140,000 hits per month, but the site has NO search bar yet it specialises in a VARIETY of products and services to do with the wedding niche.

Im stumped. I truly am. Why wouldnt they have a search function to search through their massive site...hmmm.

So it begs the question.

How Important Is A Search Bar? Is it even needed?

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    I believe you answered your own question. If the site has a variety of topics or items, a search bar is probably needed. If the site is a simple, straightforward site, one is probably not needed.
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  • I agree. Why put a search bar on a website with 10 pages which all can be seen in a sidebar.
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    it may be that the site gets regular customers so they know what's in what section. However by not having a search bar may be affecting their profits because it could be that customers look through their site but leave frustrated and end up not buying anything.

    Personally I would have a search bar either way, if it was a well designed site or not. If you're running a business it''s little things like this which make a big difference.
    Therefore a great question, thanks for pointing it out.
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    I personally never use searchbars on my sites, simply because I want the visitors to stay on that page where they land
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    I always prefer that sites selling a variety of products have a search bar. If I can't find what I'm looking for quickly, I leave. I wonder how many of their 140,000 hits had the same reaction.. probably a lot.
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    I only ever use the search bar if there's lots and lots of pages and i can't quickly find what i want through the navigation.

    I wonder how many people go straight for the search bar when they visit a site, there must be data about this. I read something a while back about the importance of search bars, can't seem to find the article or w/e it was though.

    I'm making a site with 8 main topics and aprox 8-14 sub topics within each main topic. Everything's very obviously categorized, and the navigation is quite descriptive and very easy to use. To add to this the site's aimed at the more computer savvy generation ages 15-25 ish

    Do you think it's worth putting in a search bar when it's so obvious where any subtopic can be found?

    Any advice/opinions appreciated, thanks.
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