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I just found out about sites such as Grammerly.com right after I spent two FULL days proofreading a sales letter.

Anyone with any feedback on such software? does it work well?

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  • I think Microsoft Word does the same thing for you. Or WordPerfect, if you have it.
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    IMHO the best way to proof read a sales letter is to read it out loud.

    You'll spot the places where it doesn't work as they'll be the places you stumble.

    People are better than computers at this!

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      I used grammarly for about a month and I wouldn't recommend it.

      Okay, I found a few comma errors, but I guess since I'm not writing for an English teaching book, they can be overlooked.

      Most of the things it suggests you only confuse you more. I've read some reviews of English teachers about such tools and no one said anything good about them.

      Save your money, better let a friend do the proofreading. The grammar checkers in Word or Writer (OpenOffice) are just as good.

      Oh and an additional con is that you lose all the formatting. Really, it was MUCH more pain to use it than to go without.

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        Guess I should cancel my trial?

        and can anyone here recommend a proofreader that could do something in 24 hours?
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      I do this after writing any article and it works quit well.

      Try it out
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    I would also be interested in a good proofreader that is affordable.
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    I haven't ever tried it, but I can't imagine it being 100% effective. The problem is, even just one or two errors can look unprofessional, so there may always be proofreading to be done.
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    You can try paperrater (dot) com it's free but you lose your previous formatting which kinda stinks.
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    MS Word is a good enough auto grammar checker for me. If it is essential that you have absolutely correct grammar, it might not be best to leave it up to any automated checker. This is one of those things where machines will not be replacing humans completely anywhere in the near future. You can hire proofreaders on this forum, as well as on freelancing marketplaces who would do a much better job provided they are qualified.

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      Nothing automated can ever be perfect. I've read countless pieces which have been so-called checked by various grammar checkers, some of them very expensive; they've either missed glaring errors, or suggested corrections where none were needed.

      Nothing beats the human brain. Do your writing and have it checked by a competent, genuinely qualified human being. Understand and learn from the mistakes he/she picks up, and in time your writing will improve.
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  • A good technique someone shared is to read the copy backwards.

    When reading normally your brain "fills in the blanks" and skips over errors. Reading it backwards catches many problems.
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  • In most cases I use the spellcheck feature in Microsoft Word program. It normally gives me the correct spellings and even right grammar.
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      Go with the human proofreader/editor. One thing about grammar checkers like the ones found in MS Word - if you follow their suggestions slavishly, it will suck the life out of your writing.

      As for appearing "unprofessional"...

      In a sales letter, I'd rather appear slightly unprofessional than thoroughly boring.
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    The word "Grammar chekers" is known to all.When we will write post i think 100%grammar is not a matter if it has some wrong its not problem but we should remember that our meaning will be ok.
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    White smoke is working good, we can eradicate simple error which we may miss even in proof read. I am using this software for last 2 months and so far its good in suggesting grammar and words.
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    Don't use Grammerly or other software. None of it is reliable. The best is to use Word, which is also sometimes unreliable, and your own eyes.

    Also, refer to the free online version of Strunk & White's classic "The Elements of Style", which is pretty much the gold standard of usage, even today.

    When in doubt about usage, or if Word doesn't cover it, you can usually get a quick grasp of any word or phrase by Google search, including correct spelling.

    Of course, if you can afford it, hire a professional proofreader for any bulk material.
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    I used grammerly & checkdog. Checkdog worked great and continually crawled my site over time.
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    MS Word is the only thing that i use. I usually dont go all out to fix grammar mistakes. People know how to read... sales letters and squeeze pages will still get you leads and sales even if your page is riddled with grammatical errors.
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    I've used them all and to be honest they are no way near as good as a human - and because of this, I think Google are a long way off penalisng poor grammar. I literally tested Grammarly and Ginger and Word side by side last week and all of them showed errors that were not and missed blatent errors.

    My 5p worth

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    If you want a good grammar checker, go grab whitesmoke. It does punctuation,commas,spelling and tons of extra stuff

    I'm probably gonna buy myself a lifetime license this time.
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    MS Word is a good checker and one don't need any other software to check their grammar mistakes.
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    I have used fiverr. Look at reviews and feedback from other customers.

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    Microsoft Office Word 2010 user here, always been great for both grammar and spelling checks. You could also try hiring someone on Fiverr and get some pages proofread for just 5 bucks.
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    Take my advice elective,

    Go to Fiverr.com and get someone professional...they will have a fresh pair of eyes.

    Just my 2c.
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    Hi Tey,

    I have a one year subscription to Grammarly. It's quite useful for checking grammar, spelling and even has a plagiarism checker. It's not cheap, yet if you plan on editing quite a few articles, its worth the purchase!

    cheers, Patrick
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      I use Word and it works fine for me. If I have a large project I have someone that proofs my work for me and does an excellent job.
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    I love to use microsft office, but I love hiring some one for $5 to do it because of lazy
    I mean why don't you go to fiverr?
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