How much traffic before adding a forum?

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I have a site in a niche with decent traffic.

I know that if I add a forum only a small percentage would click through to it. So what volume of traffic would allow a forum to start - even a slow start?

I've been exploring other forums in this niche and none have large audiences, however, even the small ones add a sense of community for those that use them, and that's something that visitors in this niche could use (people with a problem).

My primary goal is helping my visitors. The more long-tail search terms I read on GA, the more I focus on this goal. I think a functioning forum would be a good thing for these people.
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    I don't think there's any minimum amount of traffic necessary to run a successful forum. Right now, I'm testing a forum set-up with the members of my Community Marketing Challenge, and it's getting a ton of activity, even though there's only 6 of us in there.

    Granted, it's a structured forum that's more of a tool for the Challenge than a random place to hang out and shoot the s***, but I think the point is that if it's a helpful tool for your visitors, they'll use it.

    Maybe test it out with a few of your most active visitors before doing a full public launch? Or heck, just launch it and you can always take it down if there's no interest.
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    I would try to get to approximately 1,000 unique views/mo before worrying about a forum. Although, they can be a great way to get more residual traffic to your site
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