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Here is a way to dominate the SERP's and generate a ton of free traffic to your website. Dont dismiss this strategy due to its simplicity. It really works!!!

Instead of targeting competitive keywords with 2000+ searches a month and generating no traffic - hence no money, why dont you target keywords with less than 200 searches a month?

Every niche contains hundreds of these keywords. If you use Micro Niche Finder, Wordtracker or Google's keyword tool you should easily find keyword phrases with low search counts.

It is much easier to rank for a keyword phrase that has a low search count than it is to rank for a keyword phrase that has a high search count. Do some validation before you target a keyword just in case it is competitive.

Your website should focus on a sub niche (eg antivirus software) instead of a broad niche (eg software). Each page on your site should consist of atleast 750 words targeting 1 primary keyword and at least 4 secondary or related keywords. Make sure your content is original and unique.

The more pages/content you have on your site, the more visitors you will get.

In addition to building your site with original, unique content, you will also need to do some on-site and off-site SEO. There is plenty of good material on the warrior forum regarding SEO so I wont discuss it here. As long as you can acquire quality backlinks and dont participate in any grey hat/black hat methods your rankings will rise to the top. Just build quality backlinks slowly and consistently on a weekly basis for as long as your site is online.

If you can build a 100 page site you could potentially be targeting over 500 keyword phrases or more. If the average keyword is searched 50 times that equates to about 25000 searches a month.

Obviously you will not be receiving 25000 visitors to your site because not all of your keywords will be in position #1 of the SERP's. However, if you treat this strategy as a real business, and you focus on this strategy for a couple of years, who knows, you may exceed 25000 visitors/month to your site in a couple of years time - relying only on organic traffic.

If you put in the hard work initially, and you can build your site as described above, your site will become an authority site and you will generate a lot of traffic.

No matter what program you will be promoting you will need traffic. So focus on building traffic and making money will come naturally.

Good luck.
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