How to get Camtasia video to a website?

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I require your assistance once again.

I've just completed my first Camtasia video (hold your applause) and now I need to know how to get it on a web page.

Your insights, as always, are greatly appreciated!

All best,
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    As I'm sure you're finding out there are a lot of complicated options for this. I ended up using easyvideoplayer, and I like it a lot. I tried figuring out flowplayer with amazon s3 by myself and it's a major pain in the ass.

    Some geek is gonna post below me that it's easy and that I'm just an idiot... which is true. But to quickly just take a video file and put it through easy video player and get some code you slap on your site... I like it.
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    Doesn't Camtasia have its own player?

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Hey Bill,

    I use Easy Video Player to. If you are SERIOUS about internet marketing this is a great option. Since you will be using Amazon S3 your Bandwidth Costs will be super low and will PAY for the system in no time.

    We have over 100 videos on our system now and it works great.

    Highly Recommend.
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    The other option is to upload your video to YouTube and embed the code into your website.
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      Originally Posted by spearce000 View Post

      The other option is to upload your video to YouTube and embed the code into your website.
      This is what I do...

      But I have a feeling Bill doesn't want the video to be public. If you are creating it for a product then just zip it up and deliver it that way.

      Otherwise, without forking out the money for EVP the WP plugin that was mentioned sounds like a good option.

      What are you needs, that might help get you a better answer...
      Can it be a public video? Like a salespage or squeeze page video? Or should it be private, say as part of a WSO or something?
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    On a related note, Youtube is great for getting traffic so even if your video is for private viewing you can make a short 1 min preview an post it on Youtube (and the other video sites with TubeMogul) and put your link on the description. Something like "click this to sign up for free training."

    Since you are probably already editing your vid so you might as well make a nice little teaser.

    Sorry to put my oar in if you already know this.
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      From within Camtasia you can produce the video as an FLV file and then you can find the code (Google) to embed the Flash player in your page.

      Personally I found that this can produce a fairly significant hit on your band width and that it's better to host the video somewhere like Youtube of DailyMotion.
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    Camtasia can create your complete web page, so all the HTML is there. Just copy and paste into the page you want. Make sure you have all the code in the head section for the player, etc.

    EVP is nice, but like you said, not cheap. Not real expensive either. I use flowplayer (mentioned above) for both web pages and blogs. Love the way it works and is easy to use, once you get it set up.

    PM me if you want further help.


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