How to create your own support desk for free

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If you are using hostgator or another linux-based hosting provider with a cpanel, you can easily host your own and have a professional quality helpdesk at your fingertips using osTicket.

It's FREE and super easy to use.

In the videos I've created that will help to make it easier to deploy:
* how to create an email address that customers can email to get support tickets created
* how to setup OVERDUE notices
* how to txt you when new tickets or overdue notices are sent

Videos are only a few minutes long. Broken down my action steps. Total time to setup your help desk is under 10 minutes.

>>> Link: Free Support Help Desk with osTicket | Darren

Let me know what you think... or if you have any issues.

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    Is there any Phone support available there? How many people can access the information if there is a help desk.
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      Originally Posted by joy1986joy View Post

      Is there any Phone support available there? How many people can access the information if there is a help desk.
      I'm not quite understanding your question. Do you mean does osTicket provided phone support for issues with installation?

      As far as access, you can setup multiple users to work the helpdesk if you have employees or partners that need to answer trouble tickets.
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    osTicket is a great free alternative to paid help desks. Most hosting accounts will have Fantastico, Softaculous, etc. which will Auto Install it to your site.
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      There's really no good reason to pay given the compliment of features in free offerings.
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  • I use HESK, which is free, for all my support.

    So much more efficient than monitoring everything through email, plus there are various ways to speed up support, such as by having predefined answers.

    If my business ever gets big enough to need to hire someone to answer tickets for me, that's covered too.

    Worth considering as an alternative to osTicket.


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    I personally use for my support desk. It's free and has a very nice and easy to use control panel.

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