How do YOU search when you go on your hols?

by ellush
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I have a travel website that is a guide to a particular country, and am now going through a bit of restructuring to improve the overall user experience.

After sitting with an "expert", I was told to split the site into subdomains, one for each type of traveller (such as Families, Gay, Backpacker and so on). However, this looks like a ton of work and completely unmanageable.

Hence my question to you guys:

How do you search when looking for info for a vacation (example, New York)? For example, if you have kids, would you search for Kid-friendly hotels and restaurants and attractions, or would you first search for New York attractions and then hope to find info (easily) on whether this is actually suitable for you?

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  • I'd look for the destination first and then see if it's suitable. I don't care if it's suitable for me or not if I don't even intend to go to the place a site recommends me.

    On the other hand, you could so something like a little internal search engine, where users can enter their destination, the time they want to arrive/leave and then tick an option like backpacker, families etc. and it gives them back the best options. If something comes up after their search it can probably not be better targeted.
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      That search engine idea was something I was looking at. As the site is based on Wordpress I have been looking for a decent plugin that might do something like that, but haven't yet come across one...
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