$100 per month Income = $30,000 Savings Account

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I just received this link from James Martell about an article from a "financial expert" that discusses the merits of even small passive online earnings as compared to traditional savings schemes.

It is quite motivating if you are just starting out I think.

How Your Affiliate Business Is Like A $1,000,000 Retirement Plan | James Martell
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    Thanks for the read. Good stuff!
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    You could also move some of that $30k into high yield income stocks too.
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    Hi Bertil -

    I found an article that sounds similar to this a few years ago (haven't read this article). The article explained what was likely the same concept, but spoke of the generating the income through network marketing. It is motivating! If you look at it from the standpoint of return on investment, the ROI is phenomenal for a business with passive income!

    From a background in personal finance, with a BBA in Finance, specializing in Personal Financial Planning, the difference is liquidity. While the flow of money from an affiliate is similar to that of the interest generated from a large savings or brokerage account, you do not have access to capital for investments or emergencies. Additionally, you do not have leverage to gain access to a loan for the capital based solely on this income.

    On the positive side, it is additional income! You can use this income to grow those accounts and have access to the best of both worlds!
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