Buy Facebook page fans. Good idea?

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Hey everyone,
im planning on starting off my facebook fan page for my blog soon. Any ideas for getting more followers? There are services that allow you to buy thousands of targetted fb followers but do you think that its legit? Do you think they are real people who are interested in the niche? And do you know how they do it?
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    I don't think its legit, in that, most of these people who are becoming fans are being incentivized for being a fan.

    I think its done by auto following via a few underhand yet interesting techniques.
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    • Don't buy thousands of followers, invest in the ads.

      However, if you want to be successful with the ads you are going to need to do a lot of research into what people like that would like your stuff, not the keywords they are looking for.
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        If you were going to buy facebook fans, I would suggest its purely just to start the ball rolling. It's a psychological thing that other people are more likely to sign up if they think it's popular already.

        However, if you're thinking of doing it with a view that they could be potential customers, I would say dont bother.
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          Hey everyone,
          thanks for the info. Yes im planning on buying just to start the ball rolling.
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    I have just used this service several times for my FB pages. They are worth to go by-trust, honst and on time . Only 45 bucks = 2000 fans, 27$ = 1000 fans, 14.4$ = 500 fans. You can have a look at their salepage:

    To your success!
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    This is nowadays a critical issue.You may buy those fans and finally you will get most of them are inactive and not profitable for you.If you outsource the service you yet you will get some fans created by some software.
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    I've never had good experiences with services that sell you facebook fans, or other social media services.

    They do deliver, but the people they deliver are in no way interested in you, your product, or your service. They're mostly just "filler" people that make your page look more popular so other people are more likely to join.

    It works, if you have something good to offer to your readers in the first place, and know a thing or two about marketing.

    Either way, you will have to do some hard-work promotion to get some real results. Paid services make this a bit easier, but they're in no way a "magic bullet" that will do it for you. Those kinds of services do exist, but they tend to take weeks or months, and are very expensive.
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      As Joshua already said, these type of "fans" or "likes" will help your page look more popular. But the conversions or activity depends on how interested these fans are on your page.

      If you have more money to spend, facebook advertising will work to target your audiences.
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        Hi there.

        I don't recommend this. Best to have fans grow organically, regardless of the source form which they get in contact with you. Ads etc.

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    Adam is right. The only reason why you should be buying fans is to make it look like your page has lots of interest. More people will join if they see other people have joined. So, it's in your page's best interest to have a fan base already there before you start inviting quality members. With that being said, fans you buy won't be profitable to you, but they will add perceived value to your fan page.
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    You definitely need followers that are following you because they WANT to. Buying them is like taking a shortcut that turns out to have a dead end, and you instead have to turn around and do the whole journey instead.


    Even if you had, say, 1000 followers that weren't genuine.. it could at least be a way to make your page look like people are genuinely liking it. This could be more encouraging to people that are deciding whether to like your page or not. I'll admit that I tend to like pages that already have quite a few likes.
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      actually you will be buying spammers who will bury your fanpage and your fan page will not appear in the news of anyone anymore, because you will be considered a spammer also because of them
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    Do you really think thousands of fake followers are going to be of any value? No, of course not. Don't waste your money.

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    I'm going to totally agree with everyone else here. Purchasing fans is a bad idea.

    Buying fans to "get the ball rolling" will roll the ball in the wrong direction.

    Instead buy some ads on facebook, offer a free e-book, make a video on YouTube, make some valuable posts in related forums. You get the idea.

    That's the way to start getting fans that are interested in you and your service /products.

    Also remember: it's social media. You need to get social. Get legitimate fans who are interested in you....
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    I wouldn't do it.
    Firstly, they don't provide you anything besides the chance to get caught and having a number on your page. Possibly even spammers and then a dirty fan wall
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    I wouldn't buy fans. It's better to let people truly interested in your business to join your Facebook page. This way you know they are truly wanting to follow you. Buying fans, to me, is just throwing away your money.... IMHO.

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    buying fans is just like buying subscribers. ultimately, it is back to how targeted they are. I agree that buying fans may not be active or interested in your offer.

    But it is good to start your fan page off the fround while you find better methods to grow your page...dont expect to make money from these fillers though.
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    I have seen a couple of services in fiverr for adding likers to fan pages but I dont think it helps much in spreading the name out. Certainly if they are fast in giving you those likes they wont care on to whom they market your page with. Its better if you switch on to other ways to find people who will like your page, for example engaging in existing facebook groups/pages in your niche and adding a link to your page.

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    In my opinion, you can buy facebook fans at the begining - when you just created your fan page and have few fans.
    This is because, when people visit a facebook fan page and see that you have few fans, they would think that you are maybe unreasonable, and they would not like to be your fan.

    But after you have a few fans, you could not buy fans i think. For this makes nothing. Also you need is REAL fans.
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      I think people miss the point of "social" in social networking. The point of social networking is to build relationships. It's no different than networking face to face with people, except it allows you to build relationships with people all over the world.

      People think everything they do regarding the Internet should have instant results.

      Networking takes time and consistency but when it all comes together it's powerful!

      I network online and face to face and what is funny to me is, each week we get new visitors that come to the group and start passing out their cards like candy.

      I personally laugh because who cares (at least I don't). What they're doing is saving me time because I will not contact them because they have already told me that they are all about themselves and don't give a damn about learning about me.

      I believe before I refer someone, that my reputation is on the line. I want to meet someone and get a sense of their morals, credibility and reliability.

      Anybody can sound good talking it's what they do when their not talking is what I watch for. Action speaks louder than words.

      Sorry for the long post, but I think it's important for people to understand how to really use social media.

      In my seminars I tell biz owners to remember this about social media:
      1. It's not about you
      2. Provide good content that helps people save time, money or be a person of resource for them
      3. Interact with others

      Instead of buyings fans try joining some groups on Facebook that already have your target market and post valuable content. You'll find that in time people will become curious about you and "Like" your pg.

      The business comes when you're least expected because you don't need to ask for it. What you need to do is make sure your funnel is in place to allow them to check you out. What I mean is your site, social links, email sign up and anything you want them to know about your products or services.

      Trust me if you interact and provide valuable content, they will become curious and check you out and ......bam it's like stealing candy from a baby!
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    Find other pages of similar interest and like them. You can login as your page and like a ton of pages that you can then post relevant and valuable content and people will eventually recognize you. It takes time but those who follow you are interested in what you have to say.
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    You're asking if it's a good idea to buy Facebook Fans?

    It sounds to me like a good way to get your blog in front of spammers. After all, how good a fan can you get for, I don't know, how much are they asking for a fan?

    It doesn't matter how much they charge, a fan is a fan because they like YOU, not because someone told them or paid them to be.

    NO, I don't think it is a good idea to try to buy fans, get them the old fashioned way, earn them.
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    Not a good idea. You can build a facebook fan page with thousands of fans within days
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    Not a good idea. It is better to gain followers without buying those things. There are things you can consider instead of buying followers and likers.
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