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Hi Warriors,

Almost 3300 people checking out WSOs in the forum today....is that about the norm for Thursday and can it grow higher?

Also, I've heard recommendations to put your WSO on these high traffic days, but does anyone find it gets lost in the myriad of offers? I'm sure an eyeball-grabbing headline helps, but for the most part, do you find it gets diluted somewhat?

Thanks for any responses.

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    Not really. It really seems to "depends on the weather" sometimes. It really just comes down to who is on at the moment and what kind of content you are showing people. I have had people PMing me like crazy since I put a WSO up and that was on page 5. You get tons of views when it is at the top and in front of everyone, but it is not necessarily connecting with anyone. So, same old advertising - if the message connects and the content is prime, that's all that really seems to matter.
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    Thank you Grin;

    I think that's impressive to have so many people in a forum at once literally looking for products and services. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    Thank you Chris....I've seen them in signatures! Great point.
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    I see it fluctuate a lot. Generally it is between 1,500 and 3,500 at any given time, any day of the week though.

    In fact I find it does just as well on say a tuesday as on a saturday, less people posting WSOs for the reason you stated = stays on the top longer even if there are a few less users at the time browsing.
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    Originally Posted by Terri LC View Post

    3300 browsing WSOs!!
    I'm not suggesting you're wrong, but how do you know that they're browsing, Terri?

    Isn't it possible that many are simply "currently looking at a WSO" which they've found, as so many do, as I usually do myself when I'm in the WSO's Forum, by having clicked on someone's sig-file in any other part of the forum to see what that person is offering?

    Is there actually a way of knowing how many are really "browsing the WSO's"? :confused:
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    Hi Alexa;

    When I say "browsing", I do mean that they are looking at offers. Yes. And when I logged on a short while ago, it shows how many people are in the different forums, and at that time it had said 3,299 viewing. I hadn't seen it that high and was curious if that was unusually high, or just higher on certain days in general.

    Chris mentioned keeping a WSO in the signature, which I guess puts me in that forum (or a site?) to view as well. When I browse in there, I'm definately checking out the offers.

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      Originally Posted by Terri LC View Post

      When I say "browsing", I do mean that they are looking at offers. Yes. And when I logged on a short while ago, it shows how many people are in the different forums, and at that time it had said 3,299 viewing.
      I realise this, Terri. What I'm suggesting is that many of those people may not actually be "browsing" in the sense of "having gone into the WSO Forum to look at several WSO's, see what's available, or whatever" but might be people who have arrived in that Forum to look at a specific thread in a newly-opened window which they've reached without "browsing" that forum at all, but by reading a thread in another part of the forum and clicking on a sig-file, if you see what I mean? However, I do take your point and I may be being a bit pedantic, here; excuse me ...
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    No worries,

    I definately do see what you're saying Alexa. I was just surprised at the amount of folks in there, however they got there.
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    It definitely seems like the number of people in that forum is growing. Kind of reflects the economy, I think.
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    I'm not sure if this is the case, but I know vBulletin by default counts spiders in the user count. You might have seen it on other forums where they usually have 20-30 people viewing and suddenly one day there are 1000 guests. That might be the case here, although I could be wrong.
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      I usually have at least 3 versions of Warrior Forum open in tabs. One on Main Discussion, one on WSO, and a third, (and more often than not a 4th, 5th, and possibly 6th) on various parts of the forum I arrived at from sig files, FB wall posts, Twitter posts, or my email inbox.

      I often click, am interested, but don't have time to read, so I just leave it open so I remember to go back to it later.

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    @AmyKay - I agree. Many are trying their hand at IM and online ventures, unfortunately the majority give up too soon.

    @Matt - someone offered software as an WSO that alerts you when the viewers in that forum reach a certain number....and the highest number he shared was 2700 or so, so I just thought 3300 seemed quite high is all.

    I hear ya Dani - I switch between Main, WSO and War Room myself, (plus Amazon, +Squidoo, email, paint....)

    hmm...this can't be good!! :confused:

    Thanks for your responses warriors!!
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    An interesting observation, I suspect that the method of "determining" how many users are in the wso section is not as accurate as you might hope it would be, to be able to statistically "track" that many users on one forum, would be very difficult to do from a programming and CPU use on the server, it just would not make sense from a use case scenario, Now, perhaps ebay or Amazon may have this tracking ability, due to the nature of how their business works, it may be of use for them to spend that kind of money to track visitors, but in this case, not only would it not make any sense to devote that kind of computing power to tracking but it would just not be worth the money it would cost to do so, since the main function of this forum is not tracking, I would say that the numbers, are say a good estimate or average of the total users who have visited that forum over a specified time period.

    How long that time is, could be one hour, or two or even four, but certainly not min by minute, is it possible that 3300 people were really on that forum at one time, perhaps, but likely that number was an average over a four hour period of time, or perhaps two hours, but more likely it is four, just a guess,

    Still an interesting thread.
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    It's a great place to launch your products. Just make sure you got an offer people will actually want to buy. Don't be surprised about the 3,300 number, lots and lots of people browse it daily.
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    I remember a time when browsers were less than 1,000 and look forward to seeing 10,000 or more. Been here several years. The forum is growing.

    My question is what are the best sellers and we should have a top ten like amazon. Also a rating system to help us.
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