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Hey all. I'm new here but I like the site and actually think I'll be sticking around for awhile. If there's a better place to post this please let me know.

I own and operate (primary) and (mirrored). It's an e-commerce site for magic the gathering trading cards. It has been an interesting experience but just like a leased car, I'm looking to keep progressing to a broader range of services.

The trouble I'm having is how to approach selling my business.
The business would normally be worth about $350,000 by conventional standards but due to the nature of the market I could only really hope to fetch about 150,000 at most for it.

The kicker
I've recently come to learn that my domain names can be quite valuable and many of my offers from competitors have been solely for the aim of obtaining my domain.
While I wouldn't mind getting that price to invest into my next venture, It seems that my mirrored domain names could fetch quite a bit of money.

I've looked around and wasted some money paying for "appraisals" that don't really amount to much. The site was not designed for advertising revenues but could be sold to a global financial corporation that deals in mortgage industry. I've been told by different people that such a site could fetch anywhere between 50k to seven figures depending on how long i choose to hold out on it.

Any help would be appreciated on what route to go. This is my first registered business that I've run and while it'd be nice to move on I would like to capitalize on it. I also have no problem paying a decent commission to knowledgeable company/individual who's willing to market it. The problem is there are so many companies out there (most of which do pretty shoddy appraisal jobs).

Thanks ahead of time for your input.
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    What is your net profit per month?

    Unique organic traffic figures per month?

    That is what counts.
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    Yes I agree with above me.
    On selling website all you have to do is just to show to your potential buyers the earning. The easiest way to convince them is showing your earning or traffic to them. Eliminate the buyer's fear on lossing, make sure your buyer always make profit after taking over your e-commerce site.
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      I just wanted to clarify. I know I can get 150k for my website and business if associated together.

      On the other hand, some people just want to buy the domain name to use in a different market.. say mortgages as it has the same abbreviation.

      I'm trying to figure out what I can get for selling the domain name by itself (not associated with the business) and just liquidating assets...

      The domain has very strong branding for any company that can associate with the name regardless of what market they are in.

      I'm just having trouble finding a competent company or professional who can give me an accurate value on this.
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        Originally Posted by numen85 View Post

        On the other hand, some people just want to buy the domain name to use in a different market.. say mortgages as it has the same abbreviation.
        Your domain has no authority in the mortgage market. Any authority it has in your market would be quickly lost if it is converted into a mortgage site. It means that the new user would be basically starting from scratch.

        Personally I can not see the value (certainly no exact match value as people rarely use abbreviations in search) - are the offers worth while?

        Any domainers have an opinion?
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