Any Value/Juice in creating a "Resource" page with links to Related Sites in my Niche?

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hello warriors!

I am curious about the question;

Specifically let's say I locate say 20 sites, (of my own volition) and I simply create a link of their URL or perhaps anchor text on my site, which in a sense links back to that other site

So there's no link exchange or anything of the sort. I simply "reference" their site on mine. I would simply determine by way of searches, high value sites within my niche, then simply create a little "synopsis/snippet" about their site on mine....

(this woud be 1 example of around 20 links that I might place on my site)

blah blah blah visit for great information on examples, we have examples up the yazoo! so come visit us, to get your daily "yazoo full" and enjoy our services
So that's the huge plan!

what I meant by "juice" is will it provide any type of "link" or backlink, I suppose in a pure sense it is a "link" but to google does it have any relevance?

AND if I can do that, do I really need a "snippet" of information about their site? or just the URL?

Thank you very much for your feedback!

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    If your sites are from different domains, than the backlinks will definitely be a help.

    Also any direct linking by your visitors will obviously also be beneficial.
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    Sites that link out to related sites often get treated more as authority sites. Especially when your site is good and the sites you link to are good also. The degree of interconnection is one of the things that the internet is all about.

    I am not sure I understand the juice question, but it can look good for your site if the sites you link to are good. if they are junky, then that is not so good.

    By junky I don't mean old design or stuff liek that, but sites that are full of auto content and completely blocked up with ads. If the site you are linking to looks like an EZA page, that might not be so good for you.

    There have been some programs where paid link directories were attached to sites. You pay a subscription fee and upload a script to your site and other people's links appeared there. There are some networks that are still around like that, but not too many.

    Your idea sounds good, like a way to provide more value to your visitors.

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      thanks for asking for clarification

      I'm creating a link on my site that points to theirs
      and maybe a little info about their site

      So in essence I'm using my one site, using a page on my site, calling that page (like many do ) "links" or "resources", and placing links to other sites on it

      when I say "juice" I mean does it help my site at all? by way of ? relevence? or any other benefit that google might give me
      very curious!

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    I believe Google wants you to link, to drink. In other words, for you to get maximum link juice, you need to link out. It goes back to people hoarding their pr/juice.
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      I see

      it seems this is a good way to get juice

      I guess most don't do it because as you say they want to keep things "in house" ??? that may not be the best analogy, but I think you understand, or rather "that I" understand what you mean.

      In my case I would be doing this on some of my domains which are literally "virgin" in terms of links. So from that perspective "I'm not losing anything, or giving anything away" and perhaps even looking good to the Big the G

      OK, so then what are the pitfalls? since it is easy to do, what do I need to be careful about?

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        any other thoughts on this?


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    it helps for sure. G wants to see site connected to other related sites, so this is a good way to build your authority.
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