How Does my site get noticed by the press??

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I am not sure if my site really fits in with all of the others I have seen on here.

But here I go anyways...

I was just trolling google for my keywords and ran across some similar sites.

freezerburns. com

Found this one and they have been featured in some well known news sites.

How can I get my site talked about?
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    Of course press releases are the most tidy way to get the press's attention, they have to be in the form of a news item containing some entertaining or special interest content that is truly newsworthy. Some company's charity acts are reported, but that's a costly form of publicity.
    Perhaps a statistical report on the trends in pre-made meal consumption and the life style changes behind the trends, an original story on a family who eats nothing but frozen meals would be a catchy item.

    There are free press release distribution sites that might get your article copied or cited in some blogs, paid services can get your press release into major outlets, the biggest name starts at about $80 per release.

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    Originally Posted by StokesCreative View Post

    How can I get my site talked about?
    Press releases.

    Learn how to write one, and start syndicating them out across the internet.

    Bear in mind that the person most likely to be reading your press release is USUALLY one of two people.

    1. A reporter who is under deadline and needs something for his editor

    2. An editor who is under deadline and his reporter has dropped the ball

    That means your press release has to read fast, be publishable as-is, and have several obvious "breaks" in the story where the reporter or editor can chop it off and fill EXACTLY the column-inches necessary. Your goal with any press release is to reduce the amount of work the reporter/editor needs to do.

    The ideal press release is a news story you have written about yourself, in the third person, that could be read out loud on the evening news and not sound out of place. The "no work required" aspect of those press releases means they're a lot more likely to be used.

    It is, of course, always helpful to make your press release relevant to the current news of the day. Younger reporters in particular are often told to "find a new angle on X" and they beat their heads against the wall until the last minute, then just grab the press release stack out of desperation.

    Another thing to consider: press releases come out frequently from the same people all the time. If you become one of those people, your business name WILL be recognised at the top of the press release, and you WILL develop a reputation for the quality of your press releases. If it's bad, they'll stop reading and you're just wasting your time. If it's good, you'll start getting THEM calling YOU.
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    Here is another option, hire a public relations firm.

    If you're just looking for some quick publicity and something to improve your legitimacy a PR person can do the job.

    Something that is often forgotten in the DIY world of internet marketing, sometimes professionals are professionals for a reason, they know what they are doing and in this case, they have the connections to get the job done.

    A lot of money is spent blasting press releases out into the oblivion with no results when the same money could be invested in a professional who only needs to make a phone call to get your small business featured in print or on TV.
    It buys my product or it gets the hose
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    There are some great warriors that will write Press Releases for you that you can submit to Press Release sites. If you are submitting to multiple press release sites consider making each press release unique. Remember your press release should be newsworthy if you haven't got anything newsworthy to talk about a good writer will tie your topic in with a current trend etc
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    Make sure to promote these press releases as well.
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    If you need the ''cheapest'' quote, don't waste your time contacting me.
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    Thanks all, you have given me some actions to think about!
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    There are plenty of free PR sites where you can create and post free press releases. For example, and Check into these sources to start building a PR strategy for yourself.
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    Not sure what your site is about, but make sure that you really do have something of news value to offer. When I was in TV news, we got press releases *all* the time. Most of them were a sales pitch disguised as a press release, and they were promptly thrown in the garbage.

    If you really do have a hook that's newsworthy, I would go the press release route. Also, if your website is of local interest to your particular area, call or email some of your local reporters. Trust me, they can never have *too* many ideas to pitch in the morning meeting
    Sick of blending in with the crowd? Ready to stand ahead of the pack? The right content writing services can get you there...
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