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Well, I created a "shoestring budget" pitch page using free graphics, a video I made and the gutted remains of a free hostgator page.

Could you let me know what you think of it?

The Why People Course

I've done far better pitch pages through outsourcing, but I want to make a few sales with this first (had the launch yesterday with decent results) before I put a large mount of money into it.

I also wanted to prove that the advice in the book works by following it to the letter with my sales page.

What do you think of the sales page, what could be improved and remember that I'm trying to keep it completely free, just my time.

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    Well dude, first I would say 'good job!' second you don't need to test different ways of doing a single thing.

    To make a sale, as far as my sales experience has taught me, you need a working & proven product. And if you have one good product to sell, you won't need to make a long & twisted pitch.

    Most of my fellow marketers spend more time on researching on keywords and things far other than the product itself. Finally, we either listen 'ridiculously' strange success stories or don't listen a thing. Nobody admits the mistake, which is, the bogus product.

    Last year I bought Adeel Chaudry's "Mass Aritlce Creator" the pitch was good, the video pretended to be true too. But when I used the product, it was crap. So I started to distribute that so called mass article creator to other for free. Sales pitch made me buy and I found that all fraud.

    Fraudulent sales are gay, in my opinion. So if we were to put more effort at writing astonishing sales 'pitch' why sale a product then? Why not sell an idea?

    I have been selling ideas for 1.5 years, and I am happy.
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  • Actually, I've found that just as important as the product is your relationship with your audience. I can say: buy this I made it and people jump at the opportunity.

    Good points and congrats.
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