What do you consider the "best" advertising program?

by imfusa
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What do you consider the "best" advertising program? By saying, the best, i also want to say, the most efficient, cheap, and that can get you real and good quality traffic. Also please explain why you consider it "the best".
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    I like adwords, media buys and ppv. all sources provide very targeted traffic hence high conversion rate.
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    7 search is one of my favorites. Its very cheap and will help you learn more about ppc before spending a ton of money. The conversions are not as good as adwords, but if you can make it with them, you can make it with other ad networks.
    I also use facebook ads but they tend to cost just as much as adwords (atleast in my niches).
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      I think those first three answers are wrong, they are not advertising programs, they are methods. Good advertising program is one that teaches you thouroughly on all the internet marketing strategies that inculde the above mentioned PPC, Article Marketing, Blogging, and so on and so forth, and it will be very difficult to say which one is the best and of course we can't mention that here.

      Fact is there are many excellent programs out there the problem is people don't put them to use. By you asking that question you probably have a program which you perhaps think is not working to your expection and you want to go and spend more money on another.

      If you do, my advice to you is be careful, check what you got and make sure to work it, I mean put in the work, you are the only best program there could be.

      Many programs are good it's just us that aren't.

      Hope this helps.
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    I have had the most success with adwords. but i have also had a bit of success with bidvertiser, although most people don't seem to like them!
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