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hi all....i was just wondering if its advisable to set up a product review dedicated website/blog in my niche even when i havent used these products before? or do a blog with a reviews page.thoughts pls
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    People do it all the time. It is advisable to actually get the product yourself so that you can make a totally honest review though.

    I would recommend a dedicated blog. That way, you can have an optimised URL, and they WHOLE website can be relevant to the niche product that you're promoting.
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      I prefer to do a blog that has review pages instead of a dedicated review site, but there are plenty of strictly review sites out there.

      You don't have to have used the product BUT if you have you can usally sell it better. You can also go to Amazon and get a general feel for how good something is by the customer reviews.

      Many of the products on my sites I have tried, but in some cases it is just not possible so I really research it, read customer reviews, visit the website and sometimes even call the product company to make sure I provide accurate information that will provide value to my readers.

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      I review products that I own and call them reviews, but I also have blogs where I give overviews of products that I don't own and call them overviews then I'm not misleading anybody.

      Basically with the overviews I choose an Amazon product with a decent amount of good feedback and write about it in my own words. I also add some of the good points and any downside mentioned in the feedback

      and yes they make sales
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