How do I get on the eBay affiliate program - the chicken and the egg...

by Clojo
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Can anyone give me some advice on getting on the eBay affiliate program?

I have been rejected but am in a situation where I can't set up my sites as they are specifically for items sold on eBay and without the content I don't have a site? But without a site they won't accept me. I used another one of my sites to apply, but they rejected me.

I am new to this, and am not sure how to go about it. I have been setting up sniper sites, which I am having success with, but want to branch out.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance
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    eBay wants you to create a site with great content to let them see that you can do it.

    Choose one topic, get some useful information about it, create a smart site with several pages on a selection of sub-topics and then re-apply. If they reject you again, you may have to add in several more pages of good content.

    If you figure that they're a multi-million $ enterprise, they are going to be happier with professional, smart-looking sites which add value to their business.

    ... err, about time I took my own advice LOL

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      Thanks Mar! I'll do that.

      The problem is I am taking a bit of a punt because for instance one of the sites that I want to create is selling second hand cars. So if I made a website specifically about that and wrote about those cars and what is so great about them etc etc, with a few links to eBay etc, I guess that may help. Only thing is if they reject me then the site is a waste of time. But then like you say I can just add more content.

      Do you know any examples of affiliate eBay sites that I can look at?
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    "Only thing is if they reject me then the site is a waste of time."

    I would disagree. Anything you do or build online, especially for the first time, is going to be worthwhile for you whether it makes money or not. You should learn something in the process, find another angle and/or have another use for the site.

    You're going to need a decent looking site to gain entry for various different programs. Even if ebay doesn't let you in, another program might. If nothing else, you will be growing your stable of sites to link from, to your own properties.
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    don't put links to ebay on the site. there shouldn't be any affiliate links or ads on the site that you submit to epn at all. Just all original content that you are "proposing" to them would be a "good fit" for EPN and ebay products.

    Until you get into epn, the site should just "a labor of love" so to speak - at least that's what you tell them.
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      Thanks Trishworks, that is great. All making a bit more sense now. I now understand why my first site!
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