$20 To whomever can stretch these 2 graphics

by Peter Helps 6 replies
Hey guys,

I'm hoping that someone can help me here and if you can, I'll send you money through paypal. Here's what I need. I have these 2 graphics. I need both of them stretched as directed on the image.

As you can see below, the graphic has 2 portions to it. The first portion (wider portion on the left) cannot stretch. it has to stay in the exact same position including the white space that's all the way on the left.

The second portion (smaller portion on the right) needs to stretch by 40 pixels to the right. The graphics needs to be saved back to png format.

If you can get that done for me, I'll send you a cool $20 to your paypal account. Just send me a PM and I'll send you the graphics (ones without the arrows and text over them) so you can fix them.

Thanks guys,

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