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Hello everyone,

I was hoping some more experienced, and I guess not, could have a quick wish accross my newest venture.

I have some more "keyword" pages to attack but the basic stuff is on.
I'm still a Neebie, I've only been messing with IM now for about 5 or 6 weeks.

Best Weight Loss Pills (My keywords for the Index page)

Thanks in advance.

(Comments are on, and <Do Follow> PR N/A but hey? A links a link. But, if you feel the need, sensible please.)
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    Well, first off, it takes several seconds for your page to load. MYSQL server may be oversold.

    This is a highly competitive niche, which may be tough for a beginner.

    If your home page is going to be your landing page, you need feeder links to your money pages. (Not just the nav, put them in the middle of the page.) Right now if someone lands on the home page, there is not obvious path for them to take to your money pages. Don't make the visitor think.
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      I was going to build 30 Landing pages, each targeting a different set of keywords. I do like the advice though.

      Time for a "Top 10" on the landing Page.

      The Best Organic Traffic Solutions.
      For yours, take the next step: Visit Safeserps
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    Pretty competitive. You have your work cut out for you.

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    The key is your keyword research. Don't target one or two word, keyword phrases. Instead target long tail buying keyword phrases. They'll be easy to rank for and you'll find people when they're in their buying phase and not in their research phase.
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    Maybe you should use a few keywords on your home page and see what that does.

    After you do this, wait a few days to see.
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    When I design a site, I always try to have an end goal in mind for visitors, then build my site with that target in mind. I make sure that it is easy for the visitor to find this target (put it above the fold, in a different color, easy to find, call to action, etc.). On your site, above the fold, there is no obvious place that you want your visitor to go. Try to think like a new visitor and make it as easy as possible for them to get to your target.
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