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I'm ready to start a new blog, I have one quick question.

When choosing a domain name, is it better shorter or more

Ex: vs

And also, is it okay to add "-" (dashes) between words for
domain names? Does it still look professional? I know Yaro
Starak uses one dash for "" sp?

I'd have to use 2 dashes if I use a 3-word domain name, would
that still look ok?

I await your valuable opinions.
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    The shorter the better, it's good for branding purposes. Especially helpful if you plan to start an "authority" website. But if you're making a MFA-like niche site then it's better to have your main keywords in it.

    But as a rule of thumb, yes shorter is better. I don't really like dashes. Dashes just make the domain more complicated and people might not be able to remember your URL. Again, it depends on what type of site you're making but I'd steer clear of dashes and anything longer than 3 words...

    - Ruchir
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      Ok thanks for your input, so no dashes is best and no longer
      than 3 words, great.
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        I would definitley go with a shorter domain name with no dashes.
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          dashes = bad, that was just a great SEO trick in the late 90s ;-) inconsequential today reallly...

          how to shop & find a decent domain today

          I think I have one there showing one of my favorite 'suggestion' tools...enjoy.

          Sean Mitchell - Publishing Your Passion
          Online Marketing Consultant Since 1999
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            Dash or no dash is irrelevant unless you deal with clients/prospects in person where you have to explain a dash/hyphen/minus sign and they still get it wrong

            I favour good keywords with a dash than worse keywords without; shorter with a dash than longer without.

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              I'd think the main problem with hyphens is that it's easy to forget the web address for the site you want to visit has a hyphen in it. So instead of "," a lot of your potential customers might type "" and end up at a competing site.
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                I would always avoid dashes. Whether to go with a short or longer domain name depends. Here are the criteria that I would use.

                1) Are you interested in SEO - if you are going after a specific keyword, include that phrase in the domain

                2) Make it memorable

                3) Make it easy to spell

                Hope that helps
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                  For your consideration...

                  In my experience, yes shorter is better and yes having your main keywords in your URL can help you organically... and...

                  Yes your headline and content certainly matter as well... but...

                  For me, the main core issue is to always think like your potential customer. How is it that this person who drives the SE popularity results is searching for what you offer and how do they ask the SE their question?

                  Typically, a reasonable amount of target market due diligence is prudent... because [no offense] what you think is the Real Deal could be a complete illusion [delusion?]...

                  It is always the searchers who 'matter' -- not us -- because they vote with their dollars.

                  Just food for tought -

                  Chip Tarver

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