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A friend of mine would like to make an ebook on a certain subject matter can someone tell me whats the ave pages on an ebook and ave words per ebook I know it can be a bit varied but I need a guldline.

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    I have ebooks from 15 pages to 200 pages.

    I have purchased some that had as many as 400 pages.
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      I don't think anyone can give you an average. I have ebooks from 5 pages to several hundred pages. The only real answer is the ebook should be as long as needed to properly provide the information but not longer.
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  • When I outsource ebook creation, I always use 5000 words (plus graphics) as a standard target. Much longer than that, and you get something which would generally be better as one of a series of reports.

    For free ebooks, or very low cost list building ebooks, I can go shorter. And, I'll occasionally go longer when there's plenty of good material to include.

    There's never going to be a definitive answer for this one though.


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