How Do You Convert Your Subscriber?

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I guess I have pretty everything up and running now. I have products, squeeze page and sales page, a list....but I am still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle....Conversion.

I am currently using mini courses as a way to promote related products (still in the testing phrase) and I am wondering how do you guys do it.

What do you do to get subscribers to convert into sales?
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  • Very low cost products, just to convince a subscriber that paid information is worthwhile (and to prove that they have a credit card).

    Dollar sales, dime sales etc.

    Actually, I usually go straight to this stage and bypass the free subscribers entirely. Chasing those is not the best use of my time.


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      Remember to always provide Value to your list - You can do so by providing free material such as ebooks, videos or software that will Help them. In turn, this will build their trust in you and eventually they will be likely to purchase anything offer you present to them. Remember to always listen to what your list Want.
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    Get on the video if you didn't, your subscribers will feel that you are a real person.
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    I had a big increase in conversions from my free mini courses when instead of just putting an affiliate link and saying, "setup your hosting through Bluehost," I used screenshots and went through the entire process step-by-step.

    I heard that somewhere and then went through my mini courses and showed people how to use each tool or product I was recommending.
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    I agree with Lady Nana, provide value and you will convert, provide good useful infornation to people that will genuinley help them and they will remember you for it, the next time you then come to reccomend something they will be like "wow the free stuff is awesome if I have to pay for it, it must be great".

    Also remember chances are yours is not the only list they will be on for that niche, so give, give and give value.

    Hope it helps

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