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by Rob P
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I'm entering some new niches and want to start from scratch (I have a moderately successful site selling training materials for teachers which I set up knowing nothing about SEO etc. and I want to get it right this time).

What I'd like to know is...

Having researched my keywords and found a term that I would like to put in my URL, should I use the keyword-rich domain for my actual site or for my blog? Or is it ok to put my blog on the same domain as my site?

Just to clarify... I've got a blog that I am using to generate traffic to my squeeze page. I am planning on keeping the squeeze/landing page on a normal website rather than wp blog - is that right or can they both be on the same domain?

Many thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me...

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    Put them both on the same domain. That's what I do, too. It works great. If you need help with how to set it up, I'm at -- just email from my contact form.
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    There is no problem with putting them on the same domain. That's what I'm doing, as well. I would even advise you to do so if you want to do some kind of "branding", and want people to recognize your domain name.
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      same domain is without a doubt the way to go as that way you are building authority and page rank in one spot rather than trying to do it on multiple domains.

      if u focus on a free offer to build your list there and then sell the product as a backend product is a good long term strategy rather than just trying to sell the product straight up
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    A lot of authority websites have blogs rooted under their domain, if you're building a brand, it's doubly important to do so.
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