Quality PLR Membership Sites for IM niche?

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What's your favorite PLR subscription-based or package-based site for Internet Marketing PLR eBooks and products? I found the Warrior Forum thread with a huge list of 202 such sites, but it's daunting figuring out which ones may have good resellable PLRs and not just a lot of crap. Anyone have good experiences with a particular site? Thanks!
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    I've had good success with allprivatelabelcontent
    Build Multiple Diverse & Passive Income Streams With Zero Out-of-Pocket Costs to You!
    WCN - Explode and Streamline your Business - Get Started Now
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    A good membership site is 1articleaday.com by Ken Leatherman - well worth the monthly subscription cost
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    Just a heads up, I signed up to an internet marketing PLR content website once, and I got absolutely bombarded by emails. Use a throwaway or spam email address before you fill in their auto-responder form .
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    I would always reccommend Kate Anderson stuff. Alot of her niches focuses on IM. You should optin her list so you can get all her updates on her new products. She just recently released her new PLR site White Label Reports

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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      Originally Posted by Tim_Carter View Post

      Did you look at the huge plr thread?

      Tim: Thanks, and yep, that's the thread I was referring to earlier. So many choices, so little time! Apparently there are literally thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of sites that sell collections of PLRs and subscriptions.
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    Thanks for all your responses! I've already found something decent on allprivatelabelcontent, one of the suggestions above. Awesome!
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    It all really depends on what "type" of PLR you're looking for.

    If you are interested in list building kits that include reports & squeeze pages focusing around popular IM topics, check out WhiteLabelReports.com

    If you are interested in complete "Business In A Box" type packages with PLR, we rolled out CompleteStartups.com last month. The packages include everything from sales pages & ebooks, to reports, autoresponders, etc (all IM topics, one a month).

    And if you are looking for a la' carte PLR, Tiffany Dow at PLR Minimart & Nicole Dean at EasyPLR.com would be two great places to start.
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    I recommend Special Report Club http://specialreportclub.com/ if you're interested in eBooks, graphics etc. Very high quality
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    Kate: I took a look at CompleteStartups. Looks amazing! I looked around the site to see if you have an affiliate/referral program, but I couldn't find one. Do you have one, or is it in the works? I think your product would do great with affiliate promotion.
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    Ruth: It's great to find PLRs that come with their own eCover graphics. Thanks!
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    Check out this site ...

    Fab PLR


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