How Do I Get More Traffic To my WP Blog

by Tony S
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I hope that you all are having a great day. I have a question that I am hoping to get some advice on. That is can anyone tell me how I can get more visitors or traffic to my online business help blog. I have had the blog up for about a year now with pretty close to 0 activity. I would like to change that and get more people to see it and interact. I make regular post of new articles, and relevant information. I am somewhat familiar with SEO but not when it applies to blogs or blogging. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. :confused:
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    Writing content for your site is great but it will take a long time to make a dent in your page rank.

    Try article marketing. You can take some of your same content and distribute it to the right article submission sites. Of course you will have your backlinks either in the article or your bio. Soon your article will be around the web with a variety of content related backlinks to your site.

    Traffic exchanges can be effective as well.
    Social networking
    The list goes on, but all can be done at zero of little cost.
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    Some quick pointers;
    • SEO. Begin to read SEOMoz and gain more general SEO standpoints. Apply this as you would to a blog, such as by choosing specific keywords for your titles, choosing specific tags, using various html elements such as <h1><h2><img alt=""> etc.
    • Innovate. Begin to branch out of a generic blog, by posting video, holding contests or competitions, etc.
    • Personalization. Blogs aren't meant to be article directories, they're meant to be tools of delivering information to followers who are interested in reading about a specific topic or person. Feel free to be biased and include your own opinions, and address the reader.
    • Spruce it up. Find a theme that sits and fits well with your audience, or better yet, have a custom theme designed to give your blog a completely fresh and unique feel.
    • Authority and influence. Find other bloggers who write for a similar audience, and ask if you could do a guest post or two on their blog. Make sure you stay in contact with these authority figures, and leverage their influence when you can.
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    Some good tips^^.
    Forum marketing
    Writing content
    Article submission
    Social Marketing

    Just to name a few..
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    Feel good about throwing out old clothes because you know there’ll be a new one waiting for you at the door.
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    It sounds like you have your blog up to date with information. Now I think you need some backlinks to your site to let the search engines know that your site exists. I've found that one of the easiest ways to get this done is through backlinks. Specifically WEB 2.0 social sites such as Hub pages, squidoo pages to start right off the bat.

    Create these social pages with blog posts and then have them link to your main blog site that you are promoting. Traffic won't happen overnight but then it won't go away once it gets going in the right direction.

    Creating these social properties is free and fun. Once you have these sites created remember to put some counter software like statcounter to capture what keywords people are using to find your sites.

    Then use these keywords to create an article marketing campaign to link directly to your blog to get the traffic that you are looking for,

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    I found that thoughtful and insightful blog comments will always help with traffic. Leaving great comments on competitor niche blogs will bring in new active readers.

    Forum posts are also critical in gaining a solid readership.
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      Originally Posted by Sam90 View Post

      I found that thoughtful and insightful blog comments will always help with traffic. Leaving great comments on competitor niche blogs will bring in new active readers.

      Forum posts are also critical in gaining a solid readership.
      Very true. I have left both positive and negative comments on competitor blogs and have received traffic in response. Negative comments, though, shouldn't be rude to attract visitors. What have your SEO methods been thus far?

      Forum posts have gotten me traffic. Also, Squidoo lenses pointed at my sites. I test different methods to bring in eyeballs!

      How I Went from Zero to Kindle in a Few Days!!! My Blueprint for Quick Ebook Content Creation.

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    You might need to revamp your site abit and add SEO apps to your blog.

    Then go for article marketing...write useful content for your blog and syndicate it all major article directories.

    Next set up a autoresponder and give away a free eBook in exchange of their email address. The reason is to sell them affiliate products or get them to come back for new articles in the future.

    Finally, if you have the funds, purchase solo ads or WSO or PPC to drive paid traffic.
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    You can advertise your blog offline. Or in forums related to your niche. That's how I'm doing it.

    Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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    start blog commenting. Try seo and article marketing. Submit your site to social bookmarking sites,etc.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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      I try to ping and then bookmark my new blog posts. Structure your blog posts in an SEO keyword targeted format. Write articles related to your blog posts and link back to your post in the resource box with keyword anchor text. Try to build diversified backlinks to your blog or pay for a good backlink package. Example: blog comments, forum comments, profile links, directory submissions etc.
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      I love blog commenting, but since I have been doing this I have not really any effect on my blog
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    Hi Tony;

    I also agree that thoughtful blog posts can deliver some great blog posts.

    If you want to increase traffic, I have two methods for you that will start working for you right away

    1st Method - Go to Google:

    Type in "nichekeywordphrase" "post a comment" Hit Search
    You will see a long list of .edu sites.

    Google gives a lot of clout to .edu as well as .gov sites/blogs. These are high PR organic links that can deliver you free traffic quickly.

    Make sure the comment area has "dofollow" links (scroll over links to check)

    The 2nd method - Download Comment Kahuna

    It's free.
    Watch the video. Find blogs in your niche and post thoughtful comments with a link back to your website. Use "commentluv" for better results.

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    You have a blog that helps people with online businesses but after a year you've had almost zero activity. It sounds like even you haven't read your own blog!

    Being able to attract customers is essential for any business. The help most online businesses usually need is help on getting traffic. How can you regularly post relevant information when one of the key things people want to know - you don't know?
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    My advice is to research every time you make a post / publish a page.
    Go to Google's keyword tool and enter you niche / topic. Find a really cool keyword with low competition and med - high searches.
    Then install all-in-one Seo plugin and configure it with your selected keyword (title, keywords and description) and info everytime you post (it's usually in the same page of the post editor.
    that way youll get plenty of organic traffic everytime.
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    How are you tracking activity on your website.

    p.s. I disagree with chilidawg and fully agree with Fireworksable
    Article Marketing worked up until February 24, 2011 (last month), when Google penalized "content farms". Unfortunately, innocent people like Chilidawg is in for a rude awakening. This is exactly why you don't want to over commit to trends in internet marketing. For some reason, the many people that I've met that rely on article marketing, are totally oblivious to this recent Google update. is probably your best resource, and there are others like and that are worth checking out as well. And you simply need to learn everything at your own pace.

    If you really want to have some fun on a weekend, check out the free SEO toolbox from Microsoft: copy and paste the following into your browser:
    This tool will actually help point any bugs that are in your code.

    Good Luck!

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    I can't believe no one has mentioned video marketing here yet. Video marketing is a great way to generate traffic, search engine rankings and backlinks.

    Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, second only to Google themsleves. you can distrubute video far and wide, with free tools like pixelpipe and tubemogul, and with all the google algho cahnges to article directories video has just gotten that much more powerful in my eyes.

    You don;t even have to come up with new content, simply read out your articles or blog posts, record your voice and place it over some slides or pictures in windows movie maker.
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    Actually Google loves wordpress, and wordpress blogs get ranked out on Google very fast if all of the on page factors and off page factors are up to par....theres actually a wso on seo called the seo recipe which is a great reference for this
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    The first thing you can do is to put the link to your blog in your signature..
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    You have to leave comments at blogs that have a high PR.

    Go to and learn many things about blogging. You can also leave comments at this blog because it gets a lot of traffic.

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    try press releases and article syndication. Its the best.

    You do not want traffic, you want targeted traffic which means the users have their credit card half hanging out of their wallets, that is who you want at your site, then think where are these people hanging out right now, and go and get them.
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    You have a plethora of options to get traffic from.

    1) Blog and ping

    2) Email marketing

    3) Starting your own affiliate program (which would require your own product)

    4) Youtube

    5) Article marketing/syndication

    6) SEO

    7) Press releases

    8) Forums

    9) PPC

    10) Solo ads

    11) Blog advertising

    No matter your niche... all of these options can work for you
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    I would take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture. Why do you want traffic and perhaps more importantly what will you do to convert that traffic into money? Don't miss the forest for the trees.

    Once you can answer those questions you might have a better idea of how to get traffic to your blog. The key is to focus on products and not an entire niche. So look at what other people are doing to promote the products that you want to make money on. Are they posting youtube videos? Are they writing articles? Copy what works.

    You might find out that you dont even need a website and should instead be focusing on landing pages or other ways to squeeze profits from traffic like list building. Getting traffic might help you sell something, but it's probably not all you're are missing.
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    I forgot something interesting. I noticed that I was getting many new RSS feed readers lately, but I didn't know exactly why. Today I received a message from Triberr - a bloggers’ community. Then, I remembered that I became a member a few weeks ago.

    Perhaps this is why I'm getting more RSS feed readers than usually.

    The membership is free. You should sign in:

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    Submit all new blog posts to social bookmarking websites. Ping all new blog posts using ping o matic. Have a press release that links to your blog made for cheap online and submit it to press release distributors online. Have an article written about the blog and submit it to various websites. Put a video on youtube. Sign up for niche related forums and put your websites URL in your signature and become an active member in each forum. Create an internet radio show on your blogs topic / podcast and create a Twitter account where you can share your blog posts, videos, and other interesting articles.
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      You should try posting videos on YouTube. Create some videos that are similar to the articles found on your site.

      Just remember to include a link in video's description.

      This link should probably lead people to a squeeze page, so you can build a list.

      If videos aren't your thing, you should try other methods like marketing with social media and viral images.
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