Is press release the best ways to get traffic?

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If I' m has a budget and spend on the press release to get more traffic to my blog. Is this a great idea?
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  • Press release will not bring you much direct traffic traffic. It will help you in getting backlinks. But press release is very necessary to get your website name out there in the world.
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      Originally Posted by Marketing Cheetah View Post

      Press release will not bring you much direct traffic traffic. It will help you in getting backlinks. But press release is very necessary to get your website name out there in the world.
      Don't you think press releases are a bit of a hit and miss yeah? Like you might have a big story that you want everyone to know about, that kind of thing. A chance to be viral but maybe unlikely?
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    Do you have anything to form a newsworthy angle on?

    If so . . . I wouldn't hesitate one second. Just make sure the PR is written well, and realize every PR doesn't win every time. Don't spend your last budget on a press campaign -- especially if you don't know what you're doing.

    If not . . . don't bother, you'll only be wasting "space" with another article disguised as a press release. In this case, you'd be better off writing an your article and submitting it to places looking for articles.

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      Unless you're announcing a cure for cancer or some other relevant news your press release will run out of steam very quickly and therefore drive zero traffic to your site.

      However a Press release submitted to prwebdotcom using the advanced service for $200 (look online for a coupon code) will allow you to place in several keyword anchor texts that will create some powerful backlinks for you and even possibly raise your website ranking.
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    Yes since one of the biggest benefits of a press release that gets published is the simple fact that it send out a lot of targeted traffic to your blog. People read your press release and if they want more info, they can click on your link (make sure add a link in your press release) and visit your blog for more information.
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    A press release could get you in Google News and therefore quite a few backlinks from syndication etc and perhaps some traffic as well but if you are on a budget and what I assume you want is not traffic but conversions then ppc or ppv will probably get you faster results
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    if you want quick free traffic...there are numerous options that are better then press marketing is a nice option
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    I have had better luck using sites like SU, Digg, and Reddit to promote existing articles and save the money from a press release.
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    There is actually no such thing as "best way to get traffic". All of these methods can be a success or failure depending on how you implement them..

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    I perceived press release as a relation to the public wherein an announcement is issued for the purpose of letting the public know about the development of a product or a service. Hence, as far as I know, through press release, you can broadcast your website and let the world know it but I am not that much sure if it will give you the traffic to your blog as what you are expecting because in this case, you are allowed to post your blog that is limited to press release web sites only.
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      I've used press releases in order to attempt to get traffic to my blog. I've found that they don't pack that much juice. I think if you're going to get articles written you're better off submitting them to high PR (pagerank) article directories.

      Hope this helps.
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