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Havent posted a thread in a while but I felt like this one was worth it. Im 24 years old, I dont work for anyone else, and some of my friends are still in college. So we decided to go to panama city one last time for spring break.

Long story short, we had a BLAST for 5 days and came home yesterday. My business was the last thing on my mind, thats what I call a real vacation. But when I came to check my emails...i had hundreds. I have several email accounts and they were absolutely flooded.

But the weird thing is they werent flooded with many business related emails, but with affiliate offers, promotions for live events and some junk mail as well. I am on a few peoples list that I feel are valuable, but Im also on waaayyy too many lists I never take a second glance at, much less buy from.

Time to detox the inbox again. It makes life your much easier and organized. Its worth the 30 (or less) minutes it takes to do so. My advice, trim the fat around your email addresses.

Thank you to those who read. Cheers!!
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