Warriors- Best Software for Affiliate Link, Article, PDF File Management?

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Hey Guys,
Let's face it....

We all know that in this industry there's ALOT of information overload.

There are hundreds of affiliate links to keep track of...
There's passwords, pdfs, articles for your blogs, niche sites, newsletters the list goes on.

I'm curious to know how most of you guys are managing all that stuff.

As an example, have you ever been in a quick conversation with someone and they ask you about a program (word of mouth marketing)....

Have you known there's an affiliate link for that but just:
a) didn't feel like looking up the link
b) saved it some where (maybe in an excel file) but just don't know where it is

Another situation is if you've ever found yourself writing a quick article - even though you may have access to hundreds of files of free content - just because it was faster than looking for the darn thing!

I have friends who software use Microsoft Excel a lot....

For the more advanced there's Access.

But what else are you guys using?

Let's explore...
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    Hi, I've been using RoboForm software for managing all password, bookmarking and all the things related with Internet marketing.It'll save you tons of time.Check it out - RoboForm.com (It's paid and I think only $19 per year).Thanks :-)
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    Adobe Reader is the best software I think. But come to think about it, I don't know if you actually can edit the files. However, you should try it, and if anything else fails, you can copy the text in another application.
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      I second the Evernote suggestion.

      I thought it was just for writing down my own ideas - never really got why people loved it,

      Then I discovered a way to hyper-implement it and actually make it easy to use.
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    I use KeePass for password management and bitly.com for affiliate links.

    - Nizam
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    I use our team's own created software for all our IM files, links, charts, reports, articles, outsources and client contacts, plr material, swipes, projects etc.., we developed it for our own use. It has advanced search functions and at-a-glance display, so I can get in and out fast with what I need.

    Before that I was using Evernote like others mentioned.
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